Experimental innovator who got into the Parsons, New York
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Experimental innovator who got into the Parsons, New York

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  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
  • Category: Mentoring
  • Published on 08 Mar 2018

This girl was not a genius – she had to work extremely hard to make her creations come alive. She was not a creative genius who would lift a brush and paintings would come out. In fact, for the longest time, she did not even know that she had it in her to make it to the best school of design in the world. She was an average student who went to an average school like many million others. She was not good enough to even dream of Parsons, let alone get an admission into the famed institution.

However, she dared… She had always loved to sketch – and had tried her hands across multiple modes of sketching, albeit in an unorganized, casual kind of a way. Her mother caught her interest in sketching and helped her refine it further. With support from her family, it was as if her art found new wings. She would not only experiment with different design techniques but also became a prolific sketcher, often turning in 3-4 sketches in a day. When she came to us, in grade tenth, she was unsure of what she wanted to do. She wanted to do something in design but was not sure whether there are enough opportunities in the discipline. Her family, which was her greatest strength and support were turning circumspect with the constant bombardment of sob-stories of artists and designers.

We helped her that with the premise that she can get into the best school of design in the world. We conducted an extensive strength assessment and a detailed psychographic analysis to conclude that she has all the ingredients to be a great designer. And then she worked hard. Not a genius, she worked by trial and error and arrived at her major works of art (which she submitted for final evaluation) gradually. After 20 months and at least 1000 sketches, she was ready!

Subsequently, we together worked to create a master narrative which embodied her brush with sketching from early stages to family support and finally the story of her hard work – 1000 sketches! The narrative themes were arrived at through an extensive knowledge-mining process driven by design-thinking principles. Like Michelangelo and Rembrandt, her story was that of experimentation, toil and hard work!

She got into one of the best school of design - Parsons, New York with full scholarship! Wow!

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