Jobs of the Future
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Jobs of the Future

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  • Category: Mentoring
  • Published on 08 Mar 2017

This is especially relevant to the readers of this blog as it directly affects their future. Decisions taken today in terms ofcourses taken and paths followed, will determine the careers that one should follow.

Taking a closer look, we realize that there are 3 basic Cs that determine the core skills people need to succeed: Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, and Collaborative Creativity.

Critical Thinking:The ability to think from different perspectives, think through things a few steps forward, make arguments and counter-arguments, and reason with evidence.

Communication Skills: The ability to use communication to connect with people is a critical element of people management, service orientation, coordinating with others and negotiations.

Collaborative Creativity: As the problems we tackle become more and more complex, individual creativity is not enough. In comes collaborative creativity – the ability to inspire creativity within a group of highly skilled people.

So what does this mean for careers? We would venture so far as to say that the courses one should also consider within any curriculum should include law, philosophy, design, communication, journalism, literature, psychology, art, music and other humanities. These can be followed up independently as majors themselves, or within the more conventional hard skill-oriented programs like engineering, medicine and business administration as minors.

It is important to look beyond the conventional courses and choose programs that build up these skills. A lot of options like fellowships in design, journalism, Masters in financial engineering exist, that should be closely explored before deciding on one’s program of study.

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