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Masters Admission Counselling

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Masters Admission Counselling

The process of doing Masters abroad from a top college is heavily dependent upon a differentiated story. At UnivAdmitHelp, all consultants have lived through that experience - all of us have gone to top-5 colleges in our field - Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cornell, etc. Therefore our focus is on getting students into the best universities in the US, UK, Singapore and Canada.

Our process for application to top Masters programs is based upon ‘living the experience.’ Your mentor will live the experience of applying along with you - and jointly create different elements of your application - Resume, Recommendations, and your Personal Statement of the SOP.

Masters Admission Counselling
The process of Masters admission advisory consist of the following:
College selection basis personality and program assessment

We believe that at least 30% of your time should be spent in finding the right program and university which matches with your career goals. In the coming years, one would have lot of choices in choosing subjects from multiple disciplines.

Narrative & Resume building activities

In this step we execute ‘Design Think Your SOP’ in which we try to uncover multiple layers of your profile to create a strong and unique story. In this phase only we would do resume building as it has to be in sync with your narrative.

Multiple Essay Editing and LOR support:

Essay writing becomes very easy once we have a strong story in hand. But, the best essays are created only when we do many rounds of essay editing. It is also critical to have appropriate references which are in line with your story which can act as evidence that make your narrative authentic.

Interview preparation:

Multiple round of mock interviews are scheduled with the counsellor to increase the confidence of the applicant.

Scholarship support:

There are two ways one can secure scholarships. First, request a scholarship from the college you are applying to. And second, apply to an external organisation. Scholarship letters play an important role in securing scholarships. Our focus is to help you lower your cost of education, often significantly - to the tune of 60-70% of total cost.

Post Selection Counseling:

These sessions are scheduled to help you maximize the return on investment in education and secure jobs after completing the program.

Existing applications suffer from many lacunae. Students, for instance typically start off late and tend to put down everything in their personal statement. We focus on culling out the key story-elements which are relevant to the application and help them build a convincing, data-backed narrative for their admission essays.

The final essays would go through a rigorous process of editing and convey your story in a compelling fashion. Please be cautioned to not use existing templates or ‘essay-writers.’ There are software programs that can catch such things. It is best to write your own story. (You can take help in designing the storyline, but the actual writing should be done by you) – And the more you iterate, the more powerful your story will be!

These days, students are also looking to apply for Masters(MS) in Data science, Economics, Engineering Management, Finance and many more non-typical fields apart from computer science.

Our Economics graduates went to UPenn and LSE; International Relations and Political Science students went on to study at Harvard Kennedy School and Engineering students went to Berkeley; LLB students were able to crack Columbia University and Oxford University for LLM. These students really worked hard in securing admits to Ivy League schools despite an undergraduate degree from average colleges.

University of Cambridge
"UnivAdmitHelp made me write my SoP at least 40 times – I cribbed all along but eventually, I was able to come out with an SoP that I was proud of! It was my dream to get into CalTech. UnivAdmitHelp made it possible. Thank you."
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Aakash K MS in Computer Science from CalTech
Cambridge University
"UnivAdmitHelp help me turn around my entire application in 18 hours. I had almost given up because the last date was approaching and I was unable to complete my SoP. We worked continuously for 18 hours and eventually were able to submit in time!"
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Shivani S. MA with full scholarship from Cambridge University
University of Pennsylvania
"I thought that writing an SoP was the most difficult part. In fact, it was. UnivAdmitHelp and I worked for more than 6 months together wherein I learned to write an SoP. Eventually I got the admit for MS in Engineering from UPenn in Digital Media Design. Whoa!"
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Amit G. MS in Digital Media Design from University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania
"Working with UAH was an eye-opening experience. Dedicated mentor-services ensured that my story got the personal touch that was sorely needed. Our hard work ensured that I got selected into my dream college. Thank you UnivAdmitHelp."
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Kasturi R N MS in Supply Chain from National University of Singapore