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Our Team

Abhishek Singhal

Abhishek is a millennial impact strategist focused on mentoring young people and building new ventures. At Anavi, he is responsible for mentoring and advisory services. A graduate of MIT Sloan and IIT Delhi, he spent time in strategy, and sales and marketing before starting UAH.

Nitin Goyal

Nitin is a passionate investor and a partner at marquee investment firm, Blue Lotus Capital. Previously a graduate from Stanford, IIM and IIT, he has spent his time across consulting and PE/VC firms. He is the soul-keeper at UAH and takes care of Strategy and Global businesses.

Priya Asthana

A Mathematics aficionado and a Machine Learning expert, Priya is a graduate from IIT Kanpur and has pursued extensive research interests at NTU. She is right now building Maths2Art and helping kids develop a love for Mathematics. Stationed at Singapore, she leads UAH's operations in South East Asia.

Anshul Bhat

Anshul Bhat is a versatile technology leader with experiences at Wipro Technologies, Ciena Corporation and ABB. A Masters in Journalism , PR and New Media from EMDI-World Media Academy, Dubai she is a freelance writer in the area of culture and arts, travel, education and new age careers. Her mentoring philosophy is based on hands-on experiences and action learning. Stationed at Dubai, she leads UAH's operations in GCC.

Konkona Gogoi

Konkona is a linguist at heart. She loves binge-watching box sets and is obsessed with Pinterest. She also loves a good book and putting her green fingers to work(!) Konkona leads content creation at UAH and has previously done her Masters in English Literature. She is a trained Instruction designer and has supported a number of domestic and international clients in creating cutting-edge content.

Neha Yadav

A trained scientist, Neha has studied Biotechnology at University of Nottingham, UK. At UAH, she focuses on creating content in Science and Technology related areas. She is especially deft at analysing and interpreting data, conducting experiments and generating data-backed insights and content nuggets.

Kamini Vidisha

Vidisha is our 'go-to-person' for everything at UAH. From technology development and customer acquisition, to student mentoring and even accounts, Vidisha has touched every function at UAH. Previously she studied at Harvard University, and has gloriously failed at a number of startups before starting UAH. She hopes to do better here!

Anubha Sud Arora

A polyglot with a non-traditional learning background from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry, India, Anubha has a nose for stories and an eye for bad grammar. With a Master's degree in Communications, from NIFT, a Master's in English, and one in Education, she continues to be a student of many more things. Her mentoring philosophy is learner-centric, which means that the learner is always right!