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MIM Admission Counselling

MIM Admission Counselling

MIM (Master’s in Management) applicant support is built to cater to the unique needs of the MIM aspirants. Many students who are coming out from a 12+3 year education system and are unsure about taking up work immediately after their undergraduate studies need not just application support but also career counselling and professional coaching.

Our IVY League advisors have studied at some of the top European MIM Schools like ESCP, ESSEC and IE Business School. They are passionate coaches and have successful industry experience in consulting, strategy advisory, private-equity and venture capital, consumer goods and business operations. We provide support across a range of areas –

  • College Selection
  • Narrative Build-up
  • Essay Preparation
  • Letter of Recommendation Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Post-selection Counselling

Master in Management

About Masters in Management

Masters in Management offers foundational courses in management for students with work experience under 2 years. In fact, close to fifty percent of the students at top MiM programs have zero full-time work experience. Set up in an international setting, with opportunities to spend time at more than one campus and focus on getting entry level management jobs.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Program Details and Cost Analysis Benefit of MIM course from Top 10 Universities

MIM Programs have gotten immensely popular over the last decade. Fresh graduates from colleges and universities who are looking to get comprehensive business education find MIM to be an attractive option. A European phenomenon earlier, increasingly many MIM programs are being offered in US, Canada, Australia and places in Asia like Singapore and Hong Kong.

While there is no question about the utility and the value of these programs, the cost-benefit equation is not uniformly clear. Here, we offer an objective assessment. (All prices are in INR for easy comparison and include not just the academic costs but also the living costs of the program. We have used 1 Euro = 81 Rs. 1 Pound = 94 Rs. 1SGD = Rs. 50 and 1 $ = 66 Rs.) We have taken the top MIM programs from the world. However, since the list was predominantly European, we have updated it to include schools from US, Canada and Asia as well.

College Reviews

Strengths of MIM program

Top - 20 Schools

Europe is the best destination in the world to pursue MiM programs. Experience of many years with these programs, tremendous exposure and industry partnerships (like driven by CEMS), and opportunity to work as a global professional are some of the reasons why Europe is a great destination for prospective MIM graduates

HEC Paris
"HEC. UAH helped me think through my narrative in a unique way and present it in a compelling fashion. After numerous drafts I had a final outcome which I was proud of!"
User Image
Aditya B. MIM with full scholarship from HEC Paris
ESADE Business School
"ESADE. UAH has a very deep understanding of the MIM ecosystem. The counselor could identify my strengths and helped me build an application which reflected my qualities with respect to a particular school."
User Image
Himani A. MIM with full scholarship from ESADE Business School
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
"WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. UAH consultants have studied at the world's best schools globally. That makes all the difference. Together as a team, we could think through and successfully apply to the top MiM programs."
User Image
Tejas C. MIM with full scholarship from WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
EDHEC Business School
"The best thing about Abhishek's guidance is the way he will understand your personality and bring out the best in you. All in all I can vouch for the fact that I could not have achieved what I have without the constant encouragement, persistence and guidance of Abhishek."
User Image
Oindrila MIM with full scholarship from EDHEC Business School