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MS Psychology Admission Counselling

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About Masters in Psychology

MS in Psychology is the new MBA. Driven by our in-house team which has strong experience of successful admits at top colleges in UK, US, Europe and Canada, you can be assured of getting the best advice to build your MS in Psychology admission applications.

Pivoted on one-on-one mentoring with Ivy League graduates, ours students have gone to study at top schools such as King's College, UCL, UBC Canada, etc. Our in-home Ivy League mentors work with you to custom build your narrative for your admission application.

The process of MS in Psychology advisory consists of the following –

  • College selection basis personality and program assessment
  • Profile and narrative building activities
  • Motivational essay and LOR support
  • Interview preparation
  • Post-selection counselling

Master in Management

MS in Psychology

Masters in Psychology are a cluster of Psychology programs with increasing popularity. Psychological counselling is widely regarded as a job of the future and is supposedly immune from shocks of advent of the 4th Industrial revolution and as such is seeing high traction among wannabe job and education seekers.

There are many programs within the Psychology discipline – ranging from developmental psychology to clinical practices and a variation in the kind of degree that you pursue – MA, MS, MRes, MPhil. While some Psychology programs are agnostic to what you have studied at your undergraduate level, many insist on an undergraduate Psychology degree. This, combined with limited intake and much more nuanced choice along with extremely positive career prospects ensure that applicant pool is extremely competitive.

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Strengths of MIP Program

Top Psychology Programs

Head out to cold, bleak countries if you are looking to do a Masters in Psychology. Countries like UK with one of the highest incidences of weather induced depression provide fertile grounds for the study of Psychology (Ironically speaking). Likewise, Canada and Northern part of US offer amazing study opportunities for Psychology. .

Psychology Careers

Careers Tracks for Psychology Graduates

Our graduate training focuses on preparing students for an academic research career. For this reason, we recruit students with a strong interest in psychological research. However, student interests often change over the course of graduate training and we firmly believe that students need to pursue the career paths that interest them. A faculty-student Professional Development Committee helps to ensure that students have the support and resources they need to explore and nurture career options

King’s College London
"King’s College London. True to its motto, UnivAdmitHelp really made me believe that I could get into an IVY too..!! Through my months of counselling, I was guided and assisted at every step of my application. After multiple repeated reviews and motivation from my counselor, I was not only able to draft a SOP that got me through my dream college but also introspect and reflect on my career choice. Overall, my experience was highly rewarding and prepared me for future applications and challenges as well!"
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Aditi R. MS Phychology from King’s College London
University College London
"University College London. Being with UAH was the best decision of my life. In Psychology especially, there is a lot of confusion with many colleges not offering terminal Master’s degree. UAH helped me figure out the right colleges basis my personality and brought out my narrative strongly. They provided help with essays and helped me prepare mock interviews. Thank you!"
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Jyoti S. MS Phychology from University College London
University of London
"University of London. UnivAdmitHelp gave me confidence to deal with college selection and admission counselling. Not only I got guidance from an MIT and Harvard graduate, I could also develop skills needed to survive in a top university program. UAH – Your process is very unique and got the best out of me."
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Hemant P. MS Phychology from University of London
New York University
"NYU. I was very sure that I wanted scholarship and I wanted to study in the US. First of all – I got terribly confused because I could not find any Psychology Master’s program. All of them were leading to a PhD. Eventually I went to UnivAdmitHelp and they got down to helping me select a program which worked for me. Plus, they did not say that they will write my applications. They advised; I worked. At the end it all worked out and I could get into the MA Program in Psychology at NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science with 80% scholarship! Whoa!!."
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Bhuwan M. MS Phychology from New York University

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