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Welcome to UnivAdmitHelp

Writing a perfect application to study abroad at the college of your choice is a tough process. Our college counselling experts are here to help you draft a fully customized application for IVY Leagues and other best universities of the world. Designed by successful graduates of MIT, Harvard, Stanford, IITs and IIMs with over 30 years of professional experience, you can be assured that your college application shall receive the right inputs that shall go a long way in making it successful. Our teams have helped candidates with successful admits to colleges at London Business School, Harvard Law School, Graduate School of Business at Stanford, King's College, Sloan School of Management at MIT and many others. Our IVY League counselees have received calls from their respective university 9 times out of 10. You can be assured that your college application shall receive the right inputs that shall go a long way in making it successful.


Why Choose Us?

Guidance From IVY League Grads

We ourselves have studied at some of the best colleges in the world. We understand what it takes to make through some of the most competitive admission processes. And we bring that specialized guidance to bear upon your admission application.

90% Success Rate

We deliver results. When you come to us, you can be sure that your application shall receive some of the most rigorous scrutiny that could ever be possible. And that ensures that our students get into universities such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc.

Highly Customized Approach

We do not use any standardized templates to work with you. For us, every student and every program is unique. We help you deliver a very specific application for every university that you would apply to. That ensures success!


Aspire For The Best

We want you to get into your top choice program. We work along with you to ensure that you reach there.



Body of an SOP
Published on : 7 Mar, 2017

The body of the SoP is important to reinforce the persona created in the opening lines. A...

Princeton University
Published on : 5 Jul, 2015

What would get me admitted to the Princeton University?

In the admissions of undergraduate students, Princeton admissi...

“Mamma, I am not lazy, I am just creative”
Published on : 27 Jan, 2018

I am often confronted with the sight of my kid lying around doing nothing, and the desire to push him to do something, anything (except lying around), becomes the blinding thought.


The value of persistence in securing an admission in a top college
Published on : 26 Feb, 2018

Epitomized by Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule, success eventually boils down to ‘persistence.’ If you pull in efforts over a period of time (called rigor), you would succeed – get into...

Best Time to Apply to a B-School
Published on : 31 May, 2017

Best Time to Apply to a B-School?

Early action, Early Decision, Rolling Admission, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, next year – the number of options in terms of when you can submit your admi...

Different Sections of the SOP (1 of 3)
Published on : 14 Mar, 2017

While there is a lot of generic advice in terms of how could one write his/her SOP, there is little by way of practical, actionable templates. Here, we offer you one....


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