Study Art, Music and Literature in Europe
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Study Art, Music and Literature in Europe

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  • Published on 10 Jul 2017

Why study in Europe?

Europe is the cultural capital of the world. Seeped in a rich history of music, art and varied other cultural pursuits, Europe has given to us the likes of Vincent Van Gough, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven and countless others. It continues to be the cradle of Christianity and with its multi-national bastions espoused in the founding charter of Euro Area, continues to be one of the shining star in this increasingly unipolar and intolerant world. With US going the Trump way and UK getting out of Europe, it has increasingly become more so!

UAH believes that Europe occupies a special place for the students of art, music and literature. Should you want to pursue a course in linguistic philosophy or study design at its birthplace or pursue journalistic interests in mass communications or build foundation in theology – Europe provides the best education in the whole world.

Europe has also been blessed with a temperate climate and provides a great opportunity to pursue holistic education. Most places in Europe would not only provide you with great education but also let you pursue interests outside studies in culture, art, music and outdoor activities and sports.  

Europe’s commitment to education can be gauzed from the fact that a lot of European universities provide you with free education in highly specialized and sought after disciplines such as Engineering and Sciences. That, coupled with its multi-cultural and socialistic ethos make it an ideal setting to pursue higher studies.

Multi-cultural ethos are rooted in the very fabric of European Education. Often an education in Europe would require you to study up-to a minimum of three languages. A graduate from such a setting would be much more capable of standing on her own in an increasingly globalized and interdependent world. 

In many disciplines, Europe has pioneered a new breed of courses. For instance, one year MBA, increasingly popular MIM (Masters in Management) and MFin (Masters in Finance) were started in Europe. These courses have now become mainstream across a lot of geographies but are a telling testimony to the rich education environment across the universities of Europe. 

And not just higher education, Europe has set standards in primary and secondary education as well. Look no further than Finland and other Scandinavian countries and you would find the best education system in the world. Increasingly, educators from across the world are trying to understand and study the Finnish education system to see its applicability within their own countries. 


Top Universities in Europe 

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

University of Helsinki, Finland

Lund University, Sweden

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

University of Amsterdam, Netherland

Delft University of Technology, Netherland

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Heidelberg University, Germany

EcolePolytechniqueParisTech, France

ESADE, Spain

INSEAD, France

University of St Gallen, Switzerland


Cost of Studying in Europe 

Cost of studying in Europe are usually moderate. It is the cost of living that can increase your overall budgets. We are showing an indication of sample costs of study/ year for two different universities.

ETH Zurich

 Tuition Fees: USD 700/ year

 Living Expenses: USD 20,000/ year


 Tuition Fees: USD 15,000/ year

  Living Expenses: USD 15,000/ year  

*Please note that the cost of specialized programs like MBA are on the higher side. However, as such, cost of studying are far lower than comparable colleges in the US or UK. 

There are a variety of scholarships which are available at each and every university. While there are a bunch of specialized university scholarships which are available, most grants and scholarships are available across the board and students are free to apply to them. Plus, Europe is a multi-cultural society in the truest sense. Our study abroad counsellors have reported best acceptance rates in terms of students adjusting to the environment across all major geographies.  


Admission Guidelines and Process 

The hallmark of European admission process is its flexibility. Most European schools allow you the flexibility to apply across both the entry cycles (Fall and Spring) and the application deadlines are much later than the corresponding US entry cycles. 

Our study abroad counsellors have reported student applications as late as March/ April for the Fall entry cycle. For those of you who want to wait for your results before applying to great universities or build your CV further, study in Europe is a great option! Some of our students who do not want to waste a year have come to our education counselors as late as September/ October and have been able to apply by November /December for the Spring-entry and have had fantastic acceptance rates. 

That apart, the education process is fairly straightforward –  

You would need to fill in an online application and submit the following documents – 

  1. Statement of Objective (SOP)
  2. CV
  3. Letters of Reference (usually 2; 1 academic and 1 non-academic)
  4. Transcripts, etc.
  5. Scores of General tests like SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. if applicable
  6. English proficiency scores like IELTS, TOEFL, if applicable


How UAH will help you get admission in Europe? 

Our team of specialized education counselors has studied across the best universities of Europe. We have education counselors who have studied abroad and have provided global education consulting services to students who want to study in Europe in the best universities in their respective discipline.  

Our education counselors have experienced European universities like ESADE, ESCP-EAP, University of St Gallen, etc. first hand and have an inside track of what needs to be done to get in there.  

We focus on building your capability up-front and help build a compelling story of who you are and why you would like to pursue a particular program. Firm believers of #EvenICanGetIntoAnIVY, we encourage our students to apply and work for the best possible universities. Our experience suggests that with right guidance, great mentorship, hard work and preparation, most students are able to get into their choice of top universities.  

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