Why Study Filmmaking in the US?
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Why Study Filmmaking in the US?

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  • Published on 24 Jun 2017

Why Study Filmmaking in the US?

Post World War II, the USA’s biggest export to the world has been the “American Dream” – the spread of its culture and way of life. The quintessential American brands like Coke and Marlboro spent billions of dollars in all the remote corners of the world, spreading a message of “Anything is possible with hard work and determination in the land of opportunities.” But the biggest weapon in this massive cultural arsenal has been Hollywood.

America’s cultural influence through movies has been particularly strong. Hollywood is the oldest film industry in the world, being more than 123 years old. The industry is estimated to have grossed more than $10 billion every year for the last decade. The Motion Pictures Academy Awards (or Oscars) are considered the epitome of success in this industry. Lot of wannabes have sprung up across the world, but few awards have been able to match the reputation and charisma of the Oscars.

Wikipedia defines the film industry/motion picture industry as comprising of the technological and commercial institutions of filmmaking, i.e., film production companies, film studios, cinematography, animation, film production, screenwriting, pre-production, post production, film festivals, distribution; and actors, film directors and other film crew personnel. This throws up a virtual plethora of careers that one can make in this domain on the technical side like filmmaking, cinematography, animation, screenwriting, production staff, acting, or the commercial side: production, film financing, distribution, event management, etc.

But apart from these directly relevant programs, people from different backgrounds are also part of the industry: applied sciences (Engineering), finance and marketing majors (Management) are in demand for managing the backend of the entire creative process. Advertising professionals have also crossed the bridge many times. The US universities have strong programs in all these disciplines as well. A close academia-industry interaction leads to these universities having very relevant and cutting-edge courses, imparting skills necessary in the real world. The different rankings for these universities can be found here: US News: National Universities Ranking

Recent political events notwithstanding, USA continues to be a big destination for foreign students as it has something to offer to every student. However, this makes education a large industry, hence, the proper guidance is needed to guide through the maze of options available. Individual program based rankings exist all over the Internet, and can be perused to build a list of programs to apply to as a good start.

Top Universities for Filmmaking in the US

While some things like good looks or acting ability are nature’s gifts, there are many institutes in the USA that prepare and hone you for a career in Hollywood, the most famous being the undergraduate program at University of South California, closely followed by the programs at New York University. Independent institutes like American Film Institute, California Institute of Arts, New York Film Academy and The Los Angeles Film School also provide various courses that are interesting. The complete list for 2016 can be accessed here: Best Film Schools 2016 Top United States Rankings

Admission Guidelines and Process

Most of these applications need a Statement of Purpose, CV, transcripts, department-specific portfolio of works done, SAT/ACT scores for undergraduate programs or GMAT/GRE for graduate programs, and 2 letters of recommendations, apart from TOEFL/IELTS scores for foreigners.

Cost of Studying in USA

There are very high-ranking public as well as private universities. There is a wide range of tuition fees in the country, with the average undergraduate tuition for the better known public universities being around US$ 15,000 per year, while the best-known private universities charge around US$ 45,000 per year. Depending on the area of the university, you can add between US$ 6,000 to US$ 20,000 for annual living expenses. However, the presence of many scholarships and assistantships can make the cost of education quite affordable for a deserving candidate.

Plus, US is a multi-cultural society in the truest sense. Our study abroad counsellors have reported best acceptance rates in terms of students adjusting to the environment across all major geographies.

How UAH will help you get admission in US universities?

UAH is one of the leading USA study consultants in India. We have education counselors who have studied across the best universities in USA like Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, etc. and provided global education consulting services to students who want to study in the best universities there in their respective disciplines.

We focus on building your capability up-front and help build a compelling story of who you are and why you would like to pursue a particular program. Firm believers of #EvenICanGetIntoAnIVY, we encourage our students to apply in the best possible universities. Our experience suggests that with right guidance, great mentorship, hard work and preparation, most students are able to get into their choice of top universities.

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