Common Myths About Extracurricular Activities
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Common Myths About Extracurricular Activities

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  • Published on 06 Sep 2022

Extracurricular activities hold a concrete and impactful place when it comes to college admissions. Even though these cannot substitute for the required grades and solid test scores, but matter a lot and work as a ladder to get an entry into your dream college. Students participating in these activities hold a better attendance score and social involvement. This is the prime reason why colleges prefer students with greater involvement in extracurricular alignments.

Sports and clubs constitute the most common extracurricular activities. Getting attached to an activity keeps a student involved and adds value to their college applications. Research suggests that students participating in extracurricular activities hold a better sense of attachment and engagement, thereby reducing the chances of being a failure. However, there are several common myths about extracurricular activities for college admissions.

Advantages of Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are the best use of time and help build invaluable experiences and memories. Here are a few benefits of pursuing extracurricular activities-

  • Supports better time management
  • Enhances self-exploration across a diversity of talents
  • Enhances the student’s ability for fulfilling their commitments
  • Supports comprehensive personal growth and development
  • Improves individual’s confidence level and self-esteem
  • Safeguards social comfort and relationship building
  • Considered as a perfect ingredient for drafting the best college application

Common myths about curricular activities

Even though extracurricular activities are considered a prime factor in college admission, however, there are a few common myths associated with them as listed below-

  1. Extracurriculars are less important

This isn’t a fact. Extracurricular activities play a very important part in your college admission. Out of the top 250 US schools, higher weightage is laid on extracurricular profiles alongside a student’s test scores, grades and coursework, college essays, etc. This matters a lot as admissions counsellors find it as the insight key to identify and evaluate a student’s personality and interests and its collaborative contribution to the campus community.

  1. Impression of extracurriculars is subjective

Admissions committees or panels consist of individuals which makes them possibly biased. Therefore, students and their parents are in an assumption that the evaluation will completely depend on their subjective opinions apart from the college application submitted. Well! That’s not true. Excluding their personal biases or likeliness, college admissions committees walk through a standard selection process for student and their profile evaluation. There are specific bifurcations in terms of Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3, and Tier-4 activities. Students are classified based on these levels and evaluated accordingly. Tier-4 is the simplest involvement level however, moving in decreasing order, students with better involvement are classified in Tier-3, Tier-2 and Tier-1 with truly extraordinary accomplishments. This ranking system is completely objective and rational. 

  1. Add as many extracurriculars as you can

Students hold a myth that adding tons of different extracurricular activities will impress the admissions committees. However, this isn’t the right approach. Being involved in too many activities will lead to surface-level participation only. However, to display noteworthy accomplishments, one needs to concentrate on a single activity. Even though most of the outstanding and competitive applicants hold 8-10 activities on their Common App, it is better to have a noteworthy curriculum with lesser yet leadership position-based extracurricular participation as compared to having a weak extracurricular profile with 15 clubs, and no leadership positions.

  1. Volunteering is mandatory

Most of the applicants and their parents consider volunteering at a fundraiser, animal shelter or any other social cause as a mandatory appeal for your college application However, that’s not true! Rather, try choosing activities and volunteering for your passions and interests, even if it's art, music, or dance. A meaningful volunteering experience turns out to solidify your college application.

  1. Music and sports turn out to be solid extracurriculars

Music and sports are rated as one of the most common and equally impressive high school extracurriculars. The problem revolves around the significant level of time and commitment this requires. Even though most of the musical and athletic involvements are in Tier 3 or 4 activities level, for students with a lesser interest in both, this isn’t a good option. It will result in spending countless hours. In such a case, it’s better to use this time more efficiently on other activities of interest. 

  1. A particular type of extracurricular is required for top schools/colleges

Another famous myth is the belief that the top colleges are looking for a particular set of activities only. This is not the truth.

Falling for these myths while choosing your extracurriculars can make you less focused and take a huge toll on your mental setup. So, it is always better to stay away from these and be in your natural self and only focus on the extracurriculars one is passionate about.

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