Recommendation for MBA Admissions - Results 2023 (2)
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Recommendation for MBA Admissions - Results 2023 (2)

Admission Counselling :
  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
  • Category: Admission Application
  • Published on 19 Jun 2023

Yoda & Dumbledore Rolled Into One

Abhishek is Yoda and Dumbledore rolled into one. His ability to stay calm and impart that calm to me was the key to executing the application process seamlessly. That said, what made the experience truly transformative was the way he guided me to discover the rationale behind my choices and weave them into an impactful story.

I submitted most of my applications in the second round and for every 5, I was invited to interview for 4 schools. When it came to interview prep, while Abhishek encouraged me to be spontaneous and not overthink it, he also gave me insightful feedback on where I could do better.

Abhishek is an honest, calm, and insightful mentor who can bring the best out of the person he works with and I absolutely recommend him to anyone who’s looking to apply to b-school.

Jahnavi Joshi, UCLA Anderson School of Management, 2023 Result

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