Client Review of MBA Counselling at UAH
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Client Review of MBA Counselling at UAH

Admission Counselling :
  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
  • Category: Admission Application
  • Published on 23 May 2022

Testimonial - As shared by Arjun Pratap Singh Saharan on QUORA 


I spoke to more than 12 counselors across NCR before finally picking my choice. I found UnivAdmitHelp the finest of all and hence went ahead with them. Below mentioned is some more information on the parameters I used to evaluate the counselors and how UAH fared in each of them. I have also included my experience working with UAH.

→ This is a pretty detailed answer. The short answer is - go for UnivAdmitHelp.

Parameters –

  1. Team (Positive) - UAH team comprises of people from the finest institutes in the world such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, etc. Abhishek (MIT Sloan) was my POC. I thought it would be best to have a mentor who has been there & done that.
  2. Portfolio (Positive) - You find many counselors talking about the concept of ‘Safe Schools’. Beware of them. Safe School only means that you are underselling yourself. UAH has always pushed me to apply to the best of the institutions basis my profile and career aspirations.
  3. Services (Positive) - Unlike other counselors who have various packages, UAH has only one package – All-inclusive. It takes care of literally everything during and after the application season. This includes not only understanding your profile & career aspirations, shortlisting schools, story building, crafting essays, helping you with LOR & applications, etc., but also helping you introspect about your life, genuinely helping you identify your career goals, UAH special interview prep, etc.
  4. Commercials (Negative) - There is a huge variation in the market that starts with INR 20K and goes way beyond INR3L. UAH is possibly on the most expensive end.
  5. X-Factor (Positive) - The general method followed by counselors is that they listen to the candidate’s story and understand pivot points. Thereafter basis their judgment, they tell you the optimum story for your applications. UAH has a completely different approach that impressed me. UAH is a coach and not a company that merely builds applications for you. It follows the Socrates model of asking questions to help a candidate understand his pivotal points in life, helping him craft his own story. UAH merely gives you perspective and YOU are the one who is in the driving seat.

Experience working with univadmithelp –

  1. Perspective - I had hundreds of questions regarding the application process, schools, essays, interviews, etc. Rather than mere answers, what I got were stories basis his/her team’s experiences. This helped me get an entirely different perspective on the world of MBA. It has helped me put my personal biases aside and make well-informed decisions. Another key benefit of speaking to someone from that league was the reinforcement that the crux lies in a very fundamental thing – putting forth your authentic self in the simplest manner.
  2. Story Building - UAH uses a couple of assessments to understand your personality type, motivations, career aspirations. Using that along with a detailed mind map of your life journey, they help you knit together all the experiences. Thereafter you draft answers to a set of questions that comprehensively focuses on all the major themes of an MBA application such as a candid description of yourself, short-term and long-term career goals, personal and professional motivations, etc.
  3. Crafting the essay - After you have storyboarded your life highlighting all the pivotal points against various themes, you pick individual schools and build essays for each of them. During the process, you go through many iterations (sometimes more than 100 collectively) each followed by feedback/edits from your UAH POC (In my case - Abhishek). Mark my words when I say this, Abhishek doesn’t let you move on until the essays are perfect. So in case you go ahead with UAH (which I recommend), rest assured you are putting forth your best foot.
  4. LOR: Recommenders + Story to tell - I would like to highlight a popular belief – LOR is merely just another place for you to showcase your key strengths. In my opinion, this isn’t completely true. LOR’s main function is to add credibility to the story of the applicant. It substantiates various decisions/experiences mentioned throughout the application. It is therefore very important to carefully select the recommenders and let them know what would you like them to highlight you. You need to keep in mind who is the best guy to back you up for the stories that you have mentioned in your essays. (PS – They might be different for different schools). Here I would like to thank Abhishek. If not for him I wouldn’t have picked that recommenders that I did.
  5. Application form - Although this appears like just a routine thing with smaller bits of information, this form the entire periphery of the application submitted. It showcases the different aspects of your life that you wish to highlight to the adcom (Something like a timeline across different dimensions). This has to be tailormade to the essays for each of the schools, as together it should form a coherent personality. I remember having tens of iterations (each followed by feedback/edits by Abhishek) before I had the final versions of various schools.
  6. Interview - This is the highlight of UAH. They make sure that the foundation of your application is based on authenticity and integrity. Further building upon this, they help you prepare for your interviews based on their stellar stories technique. This put together helps you portray your real self in front of the admission committee. This is not a trick but a mindset that UAH instills in you.

In conclusion, I would say that if UAH isn’t able to get you to a college, then you can’t get to it anyway.

Disclaimer – You have to write your essays/application form answers and basically everything. UAH is only there to guide you and edit/provide feedback on everything.

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