Recommendation for MBA Admissions - Results 2023 (4)
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Recommendation for MBA Admissions - Results 2023 (4)

Admission Counselling :
  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
  • Category: Admission Application
  • Published on 19 Jun 2023

An Excellent Mentor

I’ve come to respect him not only as a great admissions consultant but also as an amazing person. He helped me move out of my comfort zone and realize my potential which was reflected in my school choices, essays, and interview answers. His process of documenting your past experiences to create a story was so effective in providing clarity that I would go from the first word to the final completed application in a day no matter how unique the questions were. Another thing I absolutely loved in the process is that he told me not to look at the competition online or any templates. He encouraged me to be myself which again shows that he is a master at simplifying processes that are often projected as overly complicated by others. Most of all, I loved that he is patient, polite, and has a lightness in his approach to issues. I faced problems getting a LOR from my firm and almost gave up on the process of applying. He went above and beyond to help me calm down and figure things out and didn’t let me give up. He is also a pretty funny guy, so you’ll always have fun talking to him!

Harminder Kaur, INSEAD Business School, 2023 Results & Cornell, Berkeley Haas, and many more

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