The US College Admission Trends of 2023
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The US College Admission Trends of 2023

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  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
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  • Published on 12 Apr 2023

Let’s talk about the US College Admission trends of 2023. The application process is not so easy therefore it is advisable to update yourself with all the policy changes and other updates. The latest ones are listed below: -


Test -Optional Policy Extending

One of the significant trends is more and more institutions are moving towards test-optional policy in college admissions 2023. Including Columbia University and William and Mary—have made the test-optional policy permanent. Today, 96% of colleges do not require test scores. Only 4 percent of colleges now require test scores, down from 55 percent in 2019.


Early Admission Applications Has Increased and So Are Deferments

In 2023, choosing colleges with early action and decision options remains crucial. About half of applicants apply early, and colleges fill 50-60% of their incoming class through early decision. Therefore, students should be prepared for the possibility of the deferments as schools are experiencing huge volume of applications in EA. For example, University of Wisconsin-Madison deferred 17,000 of its 45,000 early action applicants, while Clemson University delivered deferment messages to 15,000 of its 26,000 early applicants.


Legacy Preference might Go Away

Debate continues about legacy preferences in college admissions, especially in relation to affirmative action and the upcoming Supreme Court case. If affirmative action becomes invalid, more colleges may consider ending legacy preferences. These preferences benefit applicants with family members who attended the same institution, which some believe leads to inequality and reduced diversity.


Impact of ChatGPT on Common App Essays

Due to ChatGPT the common application prompts announcement is getting delayed. Be aware that some colleges may remove the essay requirement for admission and instead offer alternative methods for students to showcase their abilities, like a video interview or portfolio submission. Some essays might get eliminated and improve your college search.


Time per Admission Application is not Sufficient

The problem of signal-to-noise is worsening as students can now apply to more colleges with ease using common application and electronic submission systems. As a result, the number of applications per student is increasing, while admissions staff remains constant, leading to less time for reading applications. Although machine evaluation of applications is a potential solution, ethical concerns remain unresolved.


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Increase in International Applications

The Common App has released latest statics, showing a 21% increase in US admission applications. The rate of unique applicants residing outside the US has increased at almost three times the rate of US applicants since 2019-20, with 55% of international applicants compared to 18% of US applicants. The leading countries for international applicants are China, India, Ghana, Nigeria, and Canada. Standardized test score reporting rates saw a significant drop from 74% in 2019-20 to 40% in 2020-21, with a slight increase to 44% in 2021-22, but trends suggest a plateau in 2022-23 with 43% of applicants reporting scores in their application this season.

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