Prepare a Bucket List of Programs!
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Prepare a Bucket List of Programs!

Admission Counselling :
  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
  • Category: Admission Application
  • Published on 10 Apr 2017

Choosing the right University/Course combination which fits well with your skills and interests, has the right brand value and eventually leads to a great job are the most important factors before you start writing your college-application.

Often people just apply basis the rankings of universities in a particular subject. That, in our experience, is an inefficient way of choosing a program and often leads to vastly suboptimal results.

University and program selection should be preceded by the creation of a bucket-listA bucket list is essentially a collection of university-program combinations which gives you a ‘reflection-anchor’ to figure out which programs are a good fit for you. The bucket-list looks like the attached picture (see figure). It encapsulates a comprehensive listing of programs that you want to apply irrespective of your opinion whether you can or cannot get into those. Adjacent to each program listing, do write down a 1-line reason as to why you want to get in there.

As this database gets built, it shall give you deep insights into what universities would be a good fit. Once you have this database, you may want to reflect on the following questions –

  • Which programs fit my interest area?
  • Which programs offer great ROI on my investment?
  • Which programs shall (potentially) lead to great jobs?
  • Which programs leverages skill sets which uses my expertise/capability?
  • Is this a great university/ program to study in (ranking)?
  • Can I get in? what course should I do at university?

As you check on each of these parameters against items of your bucket-list, you shall have a narrower list of programs that you may wish to apply to. That list will be far more robust that the one arrived at basis ‘rankings of university’ and gives a true listing of universities that you should apply to.

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