One important thing that MBA aspirants should NOT do in any rounds
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One important thing that MBA aspirants should NOT do in any rounds

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  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
  • Category: Admission Application
  • Published on 22 Sep 2022

We often struggle with a lot of anxiety at THE moment when we are about to submit our MBA application. The focus of this essay is on one of the important things you should NOT do.

Do not make last-minute changes.

You must resist the urge of tweaking and wordsmith your admission application materials right up until the end. It never improves your answer. You might think “let me figure out a better way to express the point. Or a particular paragraph is not ending smoothly..”

NO! Please don’t do it. The ideal time to stop making changes is a few days before the deadline. You have already crossed that phase when you have told yourself that “these are best-written essays and I have given my 200 percent”. Now you should lockdown and submit them. By continuing to fine-tune your answers, you end up making other mistakes in the process of fixing some non-existent errors which might be fine in the first place.

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Please keep in mind that the admission officers read your application fairly quickly, usually within 20 minutes. They look through all your essays and other materials for your application. Typically, they are looking for an overall narrative or a unique story of yours. Adding a line or explaining a bullet point in your resume won’t make or break things. They are not necessarily looking at the nitty-gritty of your answers, but at the same time, it is better to use simple language and no grammatical mistakes. You are better off submitting the version of your application you are happy with and thoroughly reviewing it in advance of the deadline.

There is another thing MBA aspirants tend to do. They get the application checked with an advisor or MBA admission consultant once they have finished writing their application. There is nothing wrong to take a second opinion on your application but you should do it in the initial round of iterations or brainstorming when you are in the process of figuring out your own narrative. Taking advice or suggestion on the final draft of your application will lead you to lose your confidence. Often when someone suggests changes, we start doubting our own versions and try to make changes in the final draft closer to the deadline. In our experience, this leads to silly errors and sometimes confuses your overall narrative.

In summary, spend time building your essay and seeking advice well ahead of the deadline. As per our Ivy League mentors, the best MBA consultants in India, last-minute tinkering is best avoided!

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