Journey of an MIM Graduate
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Journey of an MIM Graduate

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  • Published on 30 Aug 2018

We have explained the benefits of an MIM program and have compared them to the top IIMs in India.

In all cases, we have come to the conclusion that an MiM from a top college like HEC or LBS is a better course of action than to go to IIMs. However, if India is the fastest growing large economy and much of the job growth is going to be in India, then one could argue in favor of a degree at a top IIM in India.

We agree. However, as a case in point, we want to highlight the journey of an MIM graduate from a professional advancement perspective.


Journey 1: 10 months MiM at IE Business School

Time =0, Age 21 years: Graduate from St. Stephens College, Delhi University. Eco Honors. Job in Hand – Business analyst at Deloitte, salary of Rs. 5 lacs/ annum.

Time = 1 yr, Age 22 years: MIM from IE Business school. No job from the local market. In two months, she has been able to find a job at the Delhi office of a top consulting firm. She went there as a part of an exchange week while at IE business school and did extensive networking there. She joined McKinsey and Co. as an associate consultant. Salary of Rs. 25 lacs/ annum.

Time = 4 yr, Age 25 years. Driven by her great work at McKinsey and her European experience as a student, she gets a promotion and shifts to the Madrid office of McKinsey to work with Inditex (makers of Zara) as a project manager.

Time = 5 yr, Age 27 years. After a successful stint at McKinsey, she applies to HBS and gets in as an MBA student.

Time = 7 yr, Age 29 years. Graduate from HBS. Joins Mckinsey as a Principal, based out of their New York office. Fast track to become a partner.

Conclusion: Her stint at IE business school was pivotal in giving a jump-start to her career. Not only she moved away from a business-analyst position but was also able to develop an international mindset which helped her later on when she came back to Spain as a project manager. She first joined the India office of McKinsey (something that she would have got had she went to a top IIM as well) but the inflexion in her career came from her global exposure and international-readiness which was driven by her time in Spain.


Journey 2: MiM at HEC with an optional 1 year internship in the middle

Time =0, Age 22 years. IIT Delhi Graduate. Mechanical Engineering. Offer of admission from IIM Lucknow, Bangalore and MS in Mechanical Engineering from NTU, Singapore. Also, option to join Infosys as a software engineer at an annual salary of Rs, 9 lacs/ annum. Chose to go to HEC, Paris to pursue her MiM

Time = 1 yr, Age 23 years. Started a year-long internship at St Gobain in building a global supply chain. The salary, along with a few scholarships that he got took care of his entire stay and tuition at HEC. Exposure and work across multiple offices of St Gobain. Worked across multiple supply chain optimization projects.

Time = 2 yr, Age 24 years. Finished internship at St Gobain. Return to HEC. Impressed with his work, St Gobain has extended a job offer to him when he graduates.

Time = 3 yr, Age 25 years. Graduation from HEC Paris. Happy time!! He has seen an amazing symbiosis between materials (part of his Mechanical Engineering experience) and management science behind them (as part of his experience at HEC and St Gobain). In the interim, as a part of CEMS program, he has been to Italy (University of Bocconi) on an exchange program and have teamed up with 2 others to create a project to create flexible multi-modal, multi-material supply chain boxes for delivery of fragile goods. The project was highly acclaimed in the local Startup Weekend hackathon and have got funding of 50,000 Euros to build the project further. St Gobain is keen to have him back in the firm and have given him a firm offer of 120,000 Euros for joining their Commercial team at their corporate headquarters at La Defence in Paris.

Time = 3 yrs. Age 25 years. Torn between two very good choices, he decides to be an entrepreneur. Sets up base at Naples, Italy. Hoping to build something!

Conclusion: He had many great offers in hand however MiM not only gave him flexibility to understand the relationship between engineering and management but also helped him find his true calling at the design and materials capital of the world, Naples. The key for his choices was rooted in the flexibility that HEC MiM provided along with the exposure that he got at his work place, at his college and his exchange-campus. Not least, were the  amazing people that he met and later teamed up with in his venture.

MiM programs are designed for entry level graduates who are seeking to understand management and are not sure about the choices that they face. Treat this as an additional layer of academic exposure and global immersion before your start off on your career. MiM may turn out to be a wonderful, life-enhancing experience as in the two examples above.

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