Study Mining and Earth Sciences in Australia
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Study Mining and Earth Sciences in Australia

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  • Published on 27 Jun 2017

Why study in Australia?

Australia is the largest producer of minerals in the world. Mining is a significant primary industry in Australia and contributes significantly to its GDP. In recent years, mining has brought over 50% of foreign exchange earnings for Australia and as such is the largest constituent of its exports. Notably, Australia is home to BHP Billiton & Rio Tinto, two of the biggest and the most famous mining and mineral resources processing and exploration companies in the world. Originally spurred on by the Gold Rush, mining led to a huge spurt in immigration and led to building of sophisticated mining technology and expertise.

Study in Australia is fundamentally defined by study of minerals, geology, production and metallurgical engineering studies, mining sciences, oceanography, geophysics and applied geology. If you have interests in these areas, then Australia would provide some of the best places in the world to study. You would note that 3 of the top 5 mining schools in the world are in Australia. 

 Australia is the newest of all the continents and as such still holds tremendous ‘curiosity’ and ‘tourism’ value. Relatively a developed economy with abundant supply of resources and largely hospitable weather with cross-cultural populace, it is a great destination for studies in tourism and hotel industry areas as well.

Australian economy does not generate many jobs beyond the mining and manufacturing sectors and tourism and hotel-industry spaces. If you are thinking of pursuing an MBA or pursuing studies in Arts or pure Sciences, then it may not be the best place to be. However, there is a huge domestic demand for mining and hospitality graduates and many of these people find great opportunities outside Australia as well!  


Top Universities in Australia  

Monash University

Curtin University

University of Queensland

University of Melbourne

University of New South Wales

University of Sydney

Australian National University

University of Western Australia

University of Adelaide


Cost of Studying in Australia 

Cost of studying in Australia are on the higher side. In fact, Australia is one of the more expensive places for study. Not just the tuition, the cost of living also tends to be high leading to overall high costs of study in Australia.

Our study abroad counselors have seen students pay typically in the range of 40K – 60K USD every year roughly split equally between tuition and other living costs.

The living costs tend to fall down a bit as you move away from cities like Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane, where University of Queensland is housed, has a cost of living index which is roughly 75% that of Sydney. However, the overall costs still tend to be high.


Admission Guidelines and Process 

Australian entry cycle tends to be flexible and allows students entry across the year. (However, there are two major tranches of entry – October deadline for semester 1 and June deadline for Semester 2.) Since Australia follows a calendar which is exactly opposite to that of the US (Fall semester maps with Semester 2 and Spring semester maps with Semester 1), it offers an excellent counterpoint to your applications to the US universities should you miss any deadlines.

Students who generally like to study Australia like to go there for either very specialist options or are generally attracted to the quality of holistic education and great quality of life along with flexibility in the education system. Most of the Australian universities have an excellent credit transfer system and they recognize previous work in a particular subject/ area and would avoid you repeating courses unless absolutely warranted.

That apart, the admission process is straightforward –

In general, you would need to fill in an online application and submit the following documents –

  1. Statement of Objective (SOP)
  2. CV
  3. Letters of Reference (usually 2; 1 academic and 1 non-academic)
  4. Transcripts, etc.
  5. Scores of General tests like SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. if applicable
  6. English proficiency scores like IELTS, TOEFL, if applicable

There might be some program specific criterion as well that you may have to meet in addition to the above points.


How UAH will help you get admission in Australia?  

If you are looking for Australia study consultants in India, UAH is here to help. Our team of specialized education counselors has studied across the best universities of the world. We have education counselors who have studied abroad and have provided global education consulting services to students who want to study in Australia in the best universities in their respective discipline.

We focus on building your capability up-front and help build a compelling story of who you are and why you would like to pursue a particular program. Firm believers of #EvenICanGetIntoAnIVY, we encourage our students to apply in the best possible universities. Our experience suggests that with right guidance, great mentorship, hard work and preparation, most students are able to get into their choice of top universities.

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