Study in Hong Kong, Japan, China or rest of Asia
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Study in Hong Kong, Japan, China or rest of Asia

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  • Published on 01 Jul 2017

Why study in Hong Kong, Japan, China or rest of Asia?

Asia is the cradle of 21st century growth. Accounting for over 50% of global population and GDP, Asia is the powerhouse that is fast emerging as the choice destination for studies and careers. Asia has the unique distinction of having the two most populous countries in the world – China and India and along with developed and emerging economies like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and the oil-rich region of the Middle East – it offers distinctively rich variety of experiences which are increasingly finding currency in the global marketplace.

Besides Singapore, Asia has great study destinations at Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and a few emerging ones in China and India. A lot of students are increasingly choosing to go to Asian universities to study instead of Western Europe and America because Asian universities offer curriculum which are flexible and more attuned to the realities of emerging economies at a fraction of cost of their western counterparts.

Singapore has emerged as a premium education destination in its own rights.

Even apart from that, Hong Kong – with its trade routes, unique position at the confluence of English and Mandarin cultures and a progressive, emerging market-centric point of view has emerged as a popular study destination. Hong Kong offers education in English – one of the key reasons as to why it has emerged as the premier education destination in Asia. Japan is a developed economy and has gone out of its way in attracting migrant high-skilled people (in part owing to its aging native population). If one could overcome the language barriers, then Japan offers some of the best education in Engineering and Operations. This is also supplemented by work opportunities in companies like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, etc. Japan also offers some interesting options in ethnography – being one of the most organized, high-density society in the whole world. South Korea, with its prowess in Engineering and presence of countries like Hyundai, is also beginning to attract some overseas students. There are some other isolated examples like Asian Institute of Management, Asian Institute of Technology, etc.

The key reasons why anyone should study in Asia are basically around the following three themes:

    1. Low Cost: Education in Asia comes to you at a fraction of the cost compared to universities in the US and Western Europe. If cost is an important criterion, then Asia is definitely a destination of choice for you.
    2. Emerging Market Connect: The operating principles for succeeding in the world have a distinct emerging market flavor these days. The best place to get this flavor is Asia – home to largest emerging market economies of the world
    3. Closer Home: Most of the students of the world are in Asia. A lot of parents (and students themselves) lay a great emphasis on not being too far from home. Asia, with a lot of great study destinations spread across a wide geography, offers many options to satisfy this constraint from parents.


Top Universities in Hong Kong, Japan, China and rest of Asia

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Seoul National University

University of Tokyo

Pohang University of Science and Technology

Peking University

Tsinghua University

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Kyoto University


Cost of Studying in Hong Kong, Japan, China and rest of Asia

The cost of studying in Hong Kong, Japan, China and rest of Asia is a fraction of the cost in developed economies. Hong Kong and Japan can be a little more expensive at about 10,000 – 20,000 USD/ year. Other locations are usually well under USD 10,000 per year. Cost of living is also on the moderate side rarely exceeding 1,000 USD/ year.

There are a variety of scholarships which are available so this cost could potentially reduce further. Our study abroad counsellors have worked with a diverse pool of students who have successfully gotten into the top Asian universities.


Admission Guidelines and Process

As already discussed, Asian university’s draw is based on a three-pronged premise – low cost, emerging market connect, and proximity to the home location.

Asian universities have taken conscious steps to make the admission process easier and aligned to systems in Asia. Hong Kong, for instance, accepts local scores and does not always insist on generalized western test results – GMAT, GRE, SAT, etc. A lot of these universities conduct local tests and use those scores for admissions as well. Another key differentiator is that the requirement of TOEFL and IELTS scores – which are not needed in many of the universities.

Not to say that the competition to get in these universities is less severe. There is intense local competition for seats at these universities which are the choice destinations for many local students in addition to international ones. However, diversity criterion increases the chance of international students who are still not applying as aggressively to these universities.

You would need to fill in an online application and submit the following documents –

  1. Statement of Objective (SOP)
  2. CV
  3. Letters of Reference (usually 2; 1 academic and 1 non-academic)
  4. Transcripts, etc.


How will UAH help you get admission in Hong Kong, Japan, China and rest of Asia?

UAH is one of the leading Asia study consultants in India. We have education counselors who have studied abroad and have provided global education consulting services to students who want to study in Asia in the best universities in their respective discipline.

We focus on building your capability up-front and help build a compelling story of who you are and why you would like to pursue a particular program. As firm believers of #EvenICanGetIntoAnIVY, we encourage our students to apply to top universities.

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