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Be Your Best

I have always looked to simplify life around me, and most of the times it has been easy, because I have been ruthless about throwing out things that were not in use at the time of the clean-up. Similarly, after reading a lot of books, we came to the conclusion that there was very little that we needed to communicate to young people who come to us for mentoring or help in securing admissions to international colleges. Precisely three words actually - “Be Your Best”.

English and AI
English and AI

This was a comment from the exasperated parent of a school-going boy. He was already struggling having to learn 2 languages - English and Hindi, and multiple subjects like Language and Literature in both. As if it was not enough, the school had sent a form to select a 3rd language – French, German, Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin. Choice overload, I would say!

Preparing for Education Abroad after Grade X

A lot of students from India are increasingly opting to go to top-notch institutes outside their country after their grade XII. Increasingly students are looking at a broad swathe of courses over and beyond engineering – design, humanities, psychology and business are some of the more popular streams these days. However many students still opt for sub-par tier-2 universities and often time do not prepare well for these colleges.

"Papa, can I become a doctor?"

"Well, you will not know until you try!"

And he went on to become a practicing psychiatrist at the top US hospital. Of course, in the process, he worked extremely hard, had his fair share of failures and setbacks but eventually studied medicine at Temple University where he graduated with honors.