Know How You Learn Before You Learn..
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Know How You Learn Before You Learn..

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  • Category: Mentoring
  • Published on 06 Mar 2019

In a fast-changing world where new learning is the only constant, I have often wondered if there are some hacks that can help improve the ability to learn. In my research for the same, it mattered that I know my preferred learning style, to at least increase the rate of comprehension even as I continue to look for new things to learn.

Neil D Fleming from Christchurch, New Zealand developed the VARK model (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic) to describe the different learning preferences of individuals. The description of each of these learning preferences is as follows:

Visual: Visual learners prefer to take in information using visual aids like charts, maps, graphs, flowcharts, mind maps and diagrams. Using images to explain concepts and ideas is the best way to reach a visual learner.


Auditory: This describes learners who prefer that the information conveyed is heard or spoken. They benefit from lectures, group discussion, podcasts, TED talks, Google Talks and more that involve talking things through.


Read/Write: Learners who have a reading/writing preference prefer information to be presented using words. They love to read and things of interest to them would include stories, blogs, newspapers, book reports, etc.


Kinesthetic: Kinesthetic learners learn best when they do things to process information. The doer types who learn best through experiences, simulations and practice. It is possible to have more than one preferred style and those people are called multi-modal.


The best way to find out what works for you is to take the VARK questionnaire and once, you get a sense of what works, you can design effective strategies to learn quickly. In our work with young adults, we prefer knowing the young adults’ learning preferences, and then help decide the methods to help him/her learn better and also understand what career preferences would be really in sync with his/her strengths. This ensures high impact quick results especially when helping kids build their profiles and gain the most out of our mentorship.

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