Focus On What is Most Important
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Focus On What is Most Important

Admission Counselling :
  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
  • Category: Mentoring
  • Published on 03 Sep 2018

The problem of focus is a real one! And it is getting compounded as the world opens up and everything seems within reach, thanks to the internet.

However, when building a profile for the Ivy League, focus is essential. Therefore, we suggest a structured approach so that you don’t get distracted without finishing the process.

The first step is to create an inventory of every activity you would like to do in an unconstrained environment: infinite time and money – a Bucket List of Options. This should include all possible jobs, hobbies, experiences and audacious goals that you would have ever imagined.

Next step is to make the “To Attempt List” – take each item from your Bucket List and check it against three questions:

  • Do I really enjoy this activity?
  • Do I have a talent for it?
  • Can I make money from it?

Be objective in answering all these questions for each of the activities. Only activities where the answer for each of the activities is in the affirmative, goes in the "To Attempt List”. Next, give score to earnings potential and expected fulfillment for each of these activities. Now, rank your Attempt List on the sum of the scores that you have just given to each of the activities.

The last step is the most important - execution. Start with the first activity and make efforts to attempt it. Begin with a low-cost prototype of the activity – read up about the activity, talk to the relevant people, take up an internship/do pro bono projects, anything to get your hands dirty.

Just remember that you need to be a little fearful at the beginning of the activity. It means that you have targeted something a little beyond your current ability and therefore, would need effort to grow to the stage that you can be successful. Also, a little fear is good as it makes you more careful in your attempts.

In case you like the activity, congratulations! you have found your first potential career choice. Find out about the more successful people in the industry, read about their journeys, look at the critical skillsets they acquired and reach out to them if possible. Make a commitment to a program that is likely to help you or take up a job that allows you to build up a career in that domain.

In case you don’t like it, move down the list to the next activity till you find the one that becomes your potential career choice.

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