Board Exams and Stream Selection 2021
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Board Exams and Stream Selection 2021

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  • Written by UnivAdmitHelp
  • Category: Mentoring
  • Published on 05 Feb 2021

Grade 10 is usually a year of change. The development of students in this year holds a lot of key factors, and the results of this year’s exams may or may not help a tenth grader choose his stream. However the pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns have handed the students of Grade 10 a tough cookie. 

The key element of Grade 10, Board Exams have been a definitive feature of this year since at least 1962. Boards usually happen in feb. end by march. This year they have been postponed to May. The children are facing up to three sets of pre-boards. With one down, and two more to go, revision fatigue could well be setting in, and things are sure to get dragged.

A perceptive teacher can guide or mentor a student through this year. The fact that children were separated from their teachers and peer groups this year means that they could not develop their personalities and profiles in a naturally progressive way. Interests can be found and developed when a learner is surrounded by enthusiasm and curiosity. 

Grade 11 will thus only begin in June. This could mean a loss of upto 6 months. Schools are not just places for academic pursuits. They are the incubators of our personalities. Along with the interaction with teachers and guides, a student's interaction with his peers can help shape his/her interests, and inform his choice for further education. 

After 10th, the counsellor's job usually begins by May of June. If students wait until they join Grade 11 this year, they could lose precious months.

The years of Grade 11 and 12 are the most crucial in preparation for further studies. A student should know what he wants to pursue and should being to develop his profile in that direction. Time is gold in this time crunch. In order to not waste your time what should you do now?


In conclusion, talk to your mentor today. Find a counsellor who will understand your requirements. All the preparation for board exams has already been completed and students are now simply waiting for the finals to take place. Do not wait for the results of board exams to tell you who you really are. Your options are not limited to your marks alone. Start building out your profile now with the help of because the right time to begin is right now.