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  • Published on 19 Jan 2017

What would get me admitted to the University of Pennsylvania?

“Hide not your Talents. They for use were made: “What’s a Sun-Dial in the Shade?” by Benjamin Franklin

Like the Sun-Dial in the quote by Benjamin Franklin (founder of UPenn), let your talents and differentiated offering – that is ‘you’ -  shine through when you apply to Upenn. Your unique offering highlighting your achievements, preferably structured as a story arc, would help you succeed in getting into UPenn.

In University of Pennsylvania admission process for undergraduates, it is essential that the application helps them discover who you are, what is important to you, and how you would flourish at Penn’s campus. Your application should not look like anyone else’s, authenticity is paramount for them. And your hopes, dreams, accomplishments, and interests are yours and yours alone; they should reflect in your application. For them, the ideal candidate believes in applying their knowledge in “service to society” to the wider world. Very clearly, a differentiated application which reflects your persona and helps you stand out from others is what will get you through UPenn. Like we have mentioned in one of our other blogs, one way of building your persona is through an extensive MBTI analysis and using that to power the persona you showcase in your application.

At Wharton MBA program (Wharton is the Business School of the University of Pennsylvania), the average student has worked for five or six years between graduating from college and entering the MBA program. The program does accept early career candidates with limited or no experience only if they exhibit strong managerial and professional potential. Remember – tall proclamations will not help here. You would need to validate that you have a strong professional potential and give Wharton a reason to look over your lack of managerial experience. Wharton admission committee evaluates work experience not in terms of years, but by the depth and breadth of an individual’s position, his or her contributions to the work environment, and level of responsibility and progression. There is an additional element with written application that you need to think about – TBD (Team Based Discussion). This comes after the application process and from Wharton’s perspective and helps paint a clearer picture of who you are and how you would fit into the class. Therefore there should be a great sync in the thought process reflected in written application and through TBD.


University of Pennsylvania’s Ranking

According to U.S.News University of Pennsylvania is #8 ranked in National Universities in 2017. In the given link one can find the rankings of the programs there as well.


Acceptance rate

At Penn, in undergraduate programs the acceptance rate was 10.2% for the Class of 2019. For Wharton MBA Class 2018 the acceptance rate is ~8%and in this 8% almost 46% of student’s undergraduate major was humanities and 23% come from consulting background. Unlike many other top rated colleges, engineering is not the top-most preferred major at undergraduate level.


What are the most popular programs at the University of Pennsylvania?

University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1751 by Benjamin Franklin. He advocated an educational program that focused as much on practical education as theory. Penn was one of the first academic institutions to follow a multidisciplinary model pioneered by several European universities, concentrating multiple “faculties” in one stream. The first school of medicine in North America (Perelman School of Medicine, 1765), the first collegiate business school (Wharton Business School, 1881) were at Penn.

Penn has 12 schools which offer top-rated undergraduate and graduate programs in the world. Penn’s highly ranked graduate programs include its Wharton SchoolSchool of Education, School of Engineering and Applied SciencesLaw School and School of Medicine. Penn’s other notable graduate programs are its Design School and School of Dental Medicine.


Why University of Pennsylvania?

  • Penn is situated near the heart of Philadelphia, which is the only World Heritage City of U.S.
  • Penn is a national leader in academically-based community service through Netter Center for Community Partnerships.
  • Penn is one of the world’s most powerful research and teaching institutions, with a research budget last year of nearly $1 billion and more than 4,000 active faculty members.


Notable Alumni

  • Warren Buffet, Wharton BS in Economics
  • Anil Ambani, Wharton MBA
  • Jeff Weiner, Wharton BS in Economics
  • Nassim Taleb, Wharton MBA

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