Imperial Launches Degree In Economics, Finance & Data Science
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Imperial Launches Degree In Economics, Finance & Data Science

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  • Published on 03 May 2023

Imperial College Business School in London has recently launched a new undergraduate degree program in Economics, Finance, and Data Science (BS Economics, Finance and Data Science). This first-of-its-kind degree aims to equip students with a deep understanding of the intersection of these three fields and prepare them for the rapidly evolving job market in finance and technology. It's a 3-years program and the college will enrol its first cohort for this program in October 2023.

The degree program will provide a rigorous education in economics and finance, combined with an emphasis on data science and analytical skills. Through the study of economics and finance, you will analyse issues such as climate change, global inequality, dynamics of financial markets, and the drivers of technological innovation, growth and development. Through data science you will learn how to draw knowledge from statistics and econometrics to analyse real world data, explore the causes of these issues, and propose solutions. And, all this knowledge is required by the next generation of economists, policy experts, business leaders, and researchers to address the big issues of our time.

The program will also offer students the opportunity to gain practical experience through internships and work placements, ensuring they are well-equipped to enter the job market with the necessary skills and experience.

Dr. James Sefton, Director of Undergraduate Studies at Imperial College Business School, stated that the program is "designed to meet the needs of the 21st-century workplace, where employers are looking for graduates who can combine technical skills with a deep understanding of economic theory and finance."

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