Scholarships for Indian students pursuing MIM
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Scholarships for Indian students pursuing MIM

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  • Published on 21 Aug 2019

What is MiM?

MiM, or Masters in Management, or MSc. In Management, is a postgraduate degree in general management. It is awarded to students who normally complete a one- to two-year program of graduate-level coursework in business management at an accredited academic institution. 

Some of the best MiM courses are offered in acclaimed Universities internationally. The list includes:

  1. University of St. Gallens
  2. HEC, Paris
  3. LBS, MiM
  4. ESSEC
  5. ESCP
  6. Bocconi University, Milan
  7. IE Business School, Madrid
  8. Esade, Spain
  9. CEMS

For more details on the current rankings, you can go here and here.


Why MiM?

  1. MiM is a foundational course. 
    It lays the foundation of various business concepts. It covers the general aspects of business, international management, and marketing.
  2. It is structured for younger students with less than two years to zero experience in the professional arena. MiM students are therefore usually younger than MBA applicants. They can apply directly after finishing their Bachelor’s or college degree.
  3. Most importantly, MiM is usually easier on the pocket than an MBA. Not only is the tuition fee drastically lower than an MBA (because it is a shorter course), but the living costs at €1000/month are reduced significantly when you reduce the number of months you are spending in a foreign city.


How MiM?

Along with the eligibility criteria for admission arises the question of fees and financing. Not only do Universities offer scholarships that are open to all students, they also offer support to specific applicants. Region-specific applications are encouraged by quite a few of the following scholarships. For an Indian student, region-specific applications, gender-specific, and diversity scholarships are a big support. Sometimes scholarships and awards can also be clubbed together. 

Often the admission application doubles up as a consideration for a scholarship as well. In this case, you do not have to write a scholarship essay. At others, a separate essay needs to be submitted for consideration to a scholarship. 

However, not all scholarships are created equal. Some, like the LBS 50th Anniversary Scholarship, and the LSE Master’s Award offer part to complete tuition fees waiver. The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship offers a complete solution to monthly expenses, cultural activities, social security, and a return air ticket. The IE Business School, Madrid offers a huge range of scholarships and awards for a large number of programs and needs. HSG, St. Gallen offers little choice, but lots of support for cantonal scholarships, which help students to supplement their funds by working part-time. 


Here’s a list of scholarships for UK universities for Indian students and/or women students. 

London Business School Scholarships

  • Masters in Management - Merit Scholarship
  • Masters in Management - Merit Scholarship for Women
  • LBS - 50th Anniversary Scholarship
  • LBS Fellowship
  • The Monica & Navin Valrani Scholarship
  • The GREAT Scholarship - India
  • David & Molly Pyott Foundation Scholarship
  • Prithiv Ghosal Scholarship

London School of Economics (LSE) Scholarships

  • Graduate Support Scheme
  • LSE Masters Award

HEC, Paris Scholarships

  • HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarship
  • The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

ESSEC Scholarships

  • Essec Academic Excellence
  • Diversity of Geography & Profiles
  • The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

IE, Madrid Scholarships

  • IE High Potential Award
  • IE Scholarship
  • IE Scholarship for Diversity
  • IE Women’s Leadership Scholarship
  • IE Women’s Scholarship
  • IE-AISEC Scholarship
  • Business School Dean's Award

ESADE Scholarships

  • The MSc Scholarship for Excellence
  • The Asian Talent Scholarship
  • The Global Marketing Scholarship
  • The MSc for Global Leader Scholarship
  • The Women in Management Scholarship
  • ESADE Marketing Professional Challenge
  • MSc Graduate Funds


Along with University offers for scholarships, students can apply for local scholarships. These can often fund the entire or part of the education. 

In summary,  we believe that a persistent student should be able to bring down his cost of studies at a top MiM institute to levels similar to top IIMs in India ~ sub Rs. 30 lakhs. One needs to look around and apply in time for the various scholarships that are available. All the best!