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How Are We Unique?

How Are We Unique?

Guidance from IVY League Grads

We ourselves have studied at some of the best colleges in the world. We understand what it takes to make through some of the most competitive admission processes. And we bring that specialized guidance to bear upon your admission application.

90% Success Rate

We deliver results. When you come to us, you can be sure that your application shall receive some of the most rigorous scrutiny that could ever be possible. And that ensures that our students get into universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale etc.

Rigor & Focus

We make students work very hard. We don’t judge student’s capability on academics as we believe we all have unique strengths to focus on. What we see is the amount of rigor and focus a student have, to go through the process. Aspire for the BEST!

Highly Customized Approach

We do not use any standardized templates to work with you. For us, every student and every program is unique. We help you deliver a very specific application for every university that you would apply to. That ensures success!