Study in the US vs Study in the UK for Undergrad?
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Study in the US vs Study in the UK for Undergrad?

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  • Published on 07 Oct 2022

It is critical to understand that studying in the US and UK differs in certain aspects, so let's start by discussing the application process.

  • Application process

Preliminary application processes are almost the same for US and UK universities, but other processes vary. For both countries, eligibility requirements include a 10+2 degree from a recognized university and the passing of different entrance exams like the SAT, ACT etc. Additionally, universities in the UK ask for some personal interviews and ILETS scores of at least 6.5 with six in each band.

In contrast, universities in the USA require additional documents such as essays, letters of recommendation, statements of purpose signed by faculty members of the previous colleges, and financial statements.

  • The duration of the course curriculum

The courses for undergraduate and other degrees in the US and the UK are different in length. Most UK degree courses are 1 year shorter because they are subject-specific and entirely focused on the subject matter. On the other hand, the US offers a course curriculum for undergrads that may extend up to 4 years. This is in contrast to the 3-year undergraduate course offered by universities in the UK.

  • Cost of education

The cost of education in both the US and the UK varies. In the UK, the government sets the fee limit, and then the universities can set their fees wherever they want on the fixed fee scale.

How much it will cost to study in USA?

Universities in the USA, by contrast, do not have any restrictions on charging fees. They can charge as much as they want to. In the USA, fees are broken down by several factors, such as tuition, accommodation, etc. It is also found that tuition fees and the cost of living in the US and UK differ considerably, and the US is considerably more expensive.

Studying in the UK is cheaper than studying at equally ranked universities in the US. Since the degree programmes are shorter than those in the US, students get more value for money by pursuing undergrad in UK.

  • Selection of Course Major before or after the course

While US systems calls the main course you want to study as a "major"; in the UK, a "course" refers to what subject a student is seeking a degree in. UK universities do not use the term "major." For example, Oxford University asks students to choose their course (not major) before they apply.

USA and UK are different in the period of selecting the major for the students. Students in the US have the liberty to explore the entire curriculum, search for and capitalize on different opportunities from diverse fields, and acquire multidisciplinary knowledge. They have plenty of time to select the type of major they want, and afterward, they can decide what major to pursue for their degree.

On the other hand, in the UK, it is not the case. Students are required to select their major at the beginning of their degree course. In such cases, if you change your mind about a particular topic, there is no turning back, so it is essential to choose them after diligent research.

  • The type of course curriculum

Universities in the UK offer a lecture-based curriculum where occasional assessments are conducted. Formal assessments at the end of the year or term are conducted.

On the contrary, the universities in the US are more assessment-based than lecture-based. Students have weekly or monthly assessments that add up to their final exam grades.

  • Stay back option after completion of degree

It used to be the case in the UK that international students could stay for up to two months after finishing a degree. But recently, the UK government (2019-2020) extended the period of stay for international students after the completion of their undergraduate degree to 2 years.

On the other hand, the condition for international students to stay back in the US is to apply for STEM OPT. This program allows students who opt for general OPT to stay for 12 months after completion of their degree and work up to 36 months.

You must research and think carefully before choosing a university since every university has its advantages and disadvantages.

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