Motorsport Engineering - Top Universities in UK & US
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Motorsport Engineering - Top Universities in UK & US

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  • Published on 26 Jul 2017

Superimposing Passions with Careers: Motorsport Engineering

Love cars and race tracks, but don't know how to mix such passion with a successful career? The answer to this question is simple “Motorsport Engineering”.

In the last few decades motorsport industry has evolved drastically. Motorsport is a dynamic, competitive global industry and companies need to use state-of-the-art materials, designs and processes to stay at the top. It requires some of the finest engineering solutions, both in design and manufacturing. In addition to these, team management techniques also play a crucial role. Therefore, motorsport engineering has been established as a promising career option, especially amongst racing and car, mo-bike enthusiasts. Motorsport engineering, a branch of automotive engineering, is offered as an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in many international universities. A majority of students who are enthusiasts about motorsport engineering look forward to availing the help of overseas education consultants to make their dream come to reality.

Why UK is more preferred place of motor sport engineering than US?

Motorsport engineering in the UK is one of the most important and innovative areas of engineering in the world. Motorsport engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, development and production of racing cars and other vehicles. It is a highly specialized field, with a number of unique challenges that require dedicated professionals to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the industry.

The UK has always been at the forefront of innovation in motorsport engineering. This is largely due to the fact that the UK has a long history of producing some of the best racing cars in the world. This has led to the development of a highly skilled and experienced engineering workforce that is capable of tackling the most complex and advanced challenges of the motorsport world.

The UK is also home to some of the best motorsport engineering universities in the world. These universities offer courses in the latest technologies and techniques that are used in the motorsport industry. This ensures that graduates of these universities are well equipped to enter the world of motorsport engineering and make a real contribution to the industry.

Motorsport engineering in the UK is a highly sought-after career. It is an industry that offers exciting opportunities for engineers to make a real difference to the way that racing cars are designed and

Some of the popular programs in motorsport engineering are in UK and US given below.

Best Colleges for Studying Motorsport Engineering

MSc in Advanced Motorsport Engineering - Cranfield University, UK

Since the 1970s, Cranfield University has provided research, consultancy, and testing services to the motorsport industry. The University is renowned for its FIA-approved Cranfield Impact Centre and Cranfield Motorsport Simulation, which collaborate with Formula 1 and leading motorsport companies.

It's a one-year full time program starts from September. This MSc course consists of nine one-week modules, eight of which are assessed, occurring from October to February. It also includes a group design project and an individual thesis project.

BE in Motorsport Engineering - Brunel University, UK

In this course, you will be exposed to the design, development, and construction of competition vehicles, including aerodynamics, materials, structural analysis, IC engines, and vehicle systems. You will learn to use computational modelling, simulation, and data analysis to evaluate performance, strength, costs, and safety.

This course is of 1 year full-time, starts from September. The course curriculum is designed to give graduates the technical expertise in automotive and motorsport engineering.

MSc in Motorsport Engineering - Oxford Brookes University, UK

Studying MSc in Motorsport Engineering in Oxford Brookes University, UK gives you an unrivalled preparation for work in the motorsport industry. Located in the UK's motorsport valley, they have close proximity to many Formula 1 teams, their suppliers and other motorsport organizations. Their lecturers have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, including F1 race car designers and researchers specializing in sustainable vehicle engineering. This puts them in a unique position to provide our students with the best possible education and preparation for their future careers.

The duration of this course is 12 month full-time or 24 months with part-time.

BSc in Motorsport Engineering - Kingston University, UK

This Programme offers two pathways – Motorsport Engineering and Motorcycle Engineering – which can be studied in either full-time or sandwich mode, leading to the awards of BSc (Hons) Motorsport Engineering and BSc (Hons) Motorsport Engineering (Motorcycle) respectively. September is the usual start date for both modes of study.

It's a 3-year full time course. You can apply through UCAS application.

BS in Motorsport Engineering, Purdue University, USA

Purdue University's Bachelor of Science degree in Motorsports Engineering, established in May 2008, will equip students with the fundamentals of engineering to prepare them for successful careers in the motorsports industry and automotive-related companies. Purdue is one of the top 20 university in the world. The program features hands-on projects to help students gain experience in designing, analysing, and constructing systems. This 4-year degree is designed to give graduates the necessary skills to excel in the field.

There is dual program also in which with bachelor's one can get master's degree on motorsport engineering.

BE in Motorsport Engineering - University of North Carolina, USA

At UNC Charlotte Motorsports, located in the heart of NASCAR country, they provide some of the most rigorous and well-respected courses in the automotive and racing industries. Their "hands-on" program is one of the most innovative in the U.S. and their graduates are some of the most qualified applicants in motorsports. They are only five miles from Charlotte Motor Speedway, past the checkered flag, and within 50 miles of 90% of the NASCAR Sprint Cup teams. In fact, 15% of all NASCAR engineers are UNC Charlotte graduates. Make the industry giants their first stop when hiring interns and entry level engineers.

At UNC Charlotte, you can take your motorsports education to the next level! Their graduate degrees in engineering, as well as their unique new MBA in Sport Marketing and Management from the Belk Business School, can help you prepare for a career in this exciting field. 

Motorsport Engineering Programs - Greenville Technological University, USA

If you're looking to be a top-notch automotive technician, Greenville Technical College's Automotive Service Training program is the perfect choice. Here, you'll gain the skills to use advanced test equipment to diagnose and repair the highly complex, computerized and electronic circuitry of late-model cars. With the same or better tools, you'd find in their workplace, you'll be more than prepared to take on the job.

There are multiple programs with different durations.

Fee and Finances

The average tuition fee for the programs is around 14,000 Pounds per year in UK. Add another 10,000 Pounds per year for living expenses.

Careers Ahead

This industry is driven by excellence as highly specialized skills are required. This field offers competitive career opportunities with high salaries. Some of the exciting careers which one can make in this industry are performance enhancer, race engineer, data acquisition technician, drive train engineer, chassis design engineer designer, propulsion engineer, etc.

Motorsport is an exciting industry that offers a range of careers. From engineering and design to marketing and management, there are many opportunities available to those who are passionate about the sport. Whether you’re looking to break into the industry or you’re already established, here is a look at the range of motorsport careers available.

Engineering: Engineers are integral to the success of a racing team. They are responsible for designing and maintaining the cars and engines that power the race vehicles. A degree in engineering, such as mechanical, electrical or aeronautical engineering, is often required for this role.

Design: This role involves working with engineers to create the style and look of a race car. This includes the body, interior, and external parts. A degree in industrial design or a related field is typically required for this role.

Marketing: Motorsport teams often rely on marketing and communication specialists to promote their brand and increase their visibility. This includes creating campaigns, developing strategies, and managing social media accounts. A degree in marketing or communications is usually preferred for this role.

Management: Motorsport teams need managers to oversee operations and ensure that they are running smoothly. This includes budgeting, scheduling, and managing personnel. A degree

Work Visas Availability for Motorsports Engineers

Over the last few years, students have struggled to get work visas in the UK after their graduation. This problem has become especially acute after the Brexit and is unlikely to change much. However, Motorsport Engineers are a happy exception to the rule. The work visas ruling has an important exception - wherein work permits are granted to those students whose skills are in short supply and cannot be fulfilled from locally available talent pool. Since Motorsport Engineers tends to be extremely specialized, and all the talent pool is available from these few colleges which offer this specialized education, international students, in general, are able to secure work permits to work in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Wrapping Up

With such wide range of opportunities awaited in this booming field, one should not ignore their passion. Look for one of the reliable study abroad consultants and zoom your way to a terrific career opportunity.

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