ACT / SAT - a brief insight
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ACT / SAT - a brief insight

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  • Published on 25 Feb 2020

The debate between the SAT’s, subjects, and ACT’s has lasted a long time. 

  • Both the ACT and SAT are accepted by all U.S. colleges. 
  • Both the ACT and the SAT include core sections on Reading, Writing, and Math. 
  • Both tests include an optional essay. 

It’s inefficient to dissipate your energy across two tests, and so choose wisely between these two as these scores determine admission into most further education programs. 



Suffice it to say that between the two tests, the scores are interchangeable thanks to standard conversion tables. In order to find out which tests you would prefer to take, take sample tests and then determine which one agrees with you

  • ACT is a computer adaptive test. Here you attempt a question, if it is right, the next question is more difficult and so on, until you make a mistake, and then you get easier questions. 
  • SAT is a paper based test and reputed to be better suited for “better readers”.
  • The SAT and ACT take turns on months (except in June, October, and December). The ACT is offered 6 times per year and the SAT is offered 7 times per year. It is important to time them well so that they don’t clash with other important events. This is why most students take the exams towards the middle-end of grade 11.
  • Multiple attempts are allowed, and 2-3 attempts are fairly common. you should consider taking the SAT more than once. It will give you the opportunity to demonstrate perseverance, show your growth, and possibly improve your scores. Having two or three SAT scores also allows for more score sending options. Colleges don’t look poorly upon retaking, so don’t worry about it hurting your admission chances. And it can strengthen your application! In fact, 2 out of 3 students raise their scores when they take the SAT a second time. 
  • PSATs are preliminary SATs. Although they might hold the promise for merit scholarships for some, there is no great added value in taking PSATs because at that time the students are not prepared for the test. They haven’t covered much of the ground either. In order to prepare for PSATs, students would have to speed up their learning exponentially, thus reducing the quality of education. Most importantly, the scores do not get added to the SAT total, so it doesn’t hold that much value.
  • Superscore: Across SAT subjects, some colleges allow you to submit a Superscore. This is essentially a compound score of the best from all subjects. You could use this to your advantage, but only in certain cases.


The Essay

Should I take my tests with the written essay? 

First off, it’s an extra cost, but not that much more. Most universities have done away with essay requirements as well. So if you feel that it’s an added load, you could choose to go without it. But ideally speaking, it’s something that should be attempted. 

If your test score is 1560, or 1560+essay score, don’t you think you’d want the extra advantage? It also showcases you in a good light. It shows your performance under pressure, and also that you’re willing to go the extra mile. 

And can you lose marks by attempting the essay? No. 


SAT Subject Tests 

The SAT Subject Tests are one-hour-long exams where you can choose the subjects in which you are tested. You select the Subject Test(s) and can take up to three tests in one sitting. There are 20 Subject tests in five general subject areas: English, History, Languages, Mathematics, and Science.  The right time to give these would be in the May - June period. 

For science students, at least two of the following three should be attempted: Physics, Chemistry, Math2. 

For non science students, the mandated number of SAT subjects is 0. You could choose upto two subjects, with English Literature counting for one. 


The most important aspect of the exam? Timing. If you time it right and choose well, half the battle is won! Good luck!

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