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Our mentoring program is focused on grade IXth, Xth, XIth, XIIth and college students. UAH Mentoring Model© is built on the triad of

  1. ‘Who am I’ assessments,
  2. Rigorous goal setting and
  3. Focused narrative building activities.

The model has been proven across multiple student needs and has delivered highly successful results. All the students who have gone through this program have been able to get into one of the global ten colleges in their respective fields. MIT, Stanford, Oxford, NUS, Princeton, Yale, Berkley, Harvard, Cambridge and Wharton are some of the places where students of UAH Mentorship program have been able to secure admits. Driven by successful IVY league graduates in a unique one-to-one setting, this program focuses on your strengths and build out a unique and differentiated narrative for a successful admit and personal growth.

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