M7 vs T25 B Schools
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M7 vs T25 B Schools

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  • Published on 07 Dec 2022
T25 and M7 business schools are both groups of highly regarded universities, but they refer to different sets of schools. T25 is a term used to refer to the top 25 universities in the United States, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. These schools are considered to be the most prestigious and selective institutions in the country, and typically have high academic standards and a strong reputation for research and scholarship.
The T25 mba schools include institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton. When applied to the B School context, this would imply that the said universities would also have great B Schools as well. While generally true, this is not a sacrosanct statement. Harvard, Stanford, MIT, etc. have great B Schools, which are also part of the M7 list. However, many universities in the T25 list do not have a B School, like Brown or Princeton, which do not even offer independent MBA degrees. The closest option to a B School in Princeton is the Bendheim Center for Finance, which offers programs in Economics and Finance. Many other universities may not have that illustrious MBA program: like Cornell (Johnson), Georgia Tech (Scheller), CMU (Tepper), etc. 
M7 MBA schools, on the other hand, refer to a group of seven universities known for their strong programs in business and management. The M7 schools are Columbia, Chicago, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, and Kellogg. These schools are considered to be among the best in the world for business education and are known for their highly selective admissions processes and rigorous academic programs. The M7 schools are often considered to be the top business schools in the United States and are highly sought-after by students and employers alike.

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These rankings are based on factors such as the quality of the faculty, the employability of graduates, or the school's reputation among employers. In this context, T25 and M7 would represent two different rankings or lists of top business schools, both highly sought after, with the M7 business schools generally considered to be the most prestigious and highly ranked.

M7 MBA Schools:


M7 B School


Booth, University of Chicago


Wharton, University of Pennsylvania


Kellogg, Northwestern University


Graduate School of Business (GSB), Stanford


Harvard Business School (HBS)


MIT Sloan


Columbia Business School


Top 25 Business Schools in the world (FT ranking 2022):



B School




School of Management (SOM), Yale


London Business School, UK


Iese Business School, Spain


HEC Paris, France


SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy


New York University: Stern


University of California at Berkeley: Haas


Ceibs, China


Cornell University: Johnson


Dartmouth College: Tuck


Duke University's Fuqua School of Business


University of Virginia: Darden


National University of Singapore Business School


University of Cambridge: Judge, UK


Carnegie Mellon: Tepper


University of Michigan: Ross


University of Southern California: Marshall


UCLA Anderson School of Management


Georgetown University: McDonough


International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Switzerland 


Washington University: Olin


University of Washington: Michael G. Foster School of Business


University of Oxford: Saïd, UK


Indian School of Business, India
A key point of difference and matter of school selection stems from the list attribution of these schools. M7 are top schools in their own right. T25, on the other hand, may draw a lot of its strength from the parent university that they are associated with. Still the best school in the US, this distinction has implications for your study plan and employment prospects. For instance, HBS, which is an M7 school, has no association whatsoever with Harvard College, despite sharing the name. It is housed in a separate campus, and a river flows between the two institutions! Your employment outcomes, and in good measure, your learning is based on your grounding within the HBS ecosystem. That itself is fairly solid, and thus you are sure of positive results. However, those are in no way substantially driven by the association with Harvard College.
Alternatively, consider the GSB, or Sloan, housed within the Stanford and MIT ecosystems respectively. Both schools have strong ties with the parent university and do not have an independent existence. As a student you would take courses from within the broader university, often doing projects with the larger student body and faculty support. Both of these are M7 as well as T25 schools, but in essence, a strong connection with the university equates in terms of a richer and integrative learning path, and broader employment outcomes.
Both T25 and M7 are great choices when it comes to management education. Not only are there significant overlaps between the two lists, but both sets of colleges also have a similar impact on learning and job outcomes. The small difference is within the relationship to the parent university if any. Make sure that you bake this nuance in terms of your college list choices.
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