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Your Best Summer Yet

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  • Published on 13 Jan 2020

Activites for your summer holidays


It’s strange to think of summer in the first half of January, but for a high schooler, now is the time to prepare. Your summer vacation is a large chunk of time available to you. It’s been well documented that in it takes 21 days to build a new habit. With this free time in the summer, you should consciously choose something that will add immeasurable value to your personal development. The summer before your final year is critical because admission officers too take a close look at the activities. It is your one good chance to build up your portfolio by focusing on topics you are passionate about. 

Here are some choices for a productive summer:


Summer Programs

Join a summer program. Taking part in a well organised program allows you to focus on the one or two areas that you are really passionate about and explore new academic topics and fields of study. Because summer programs expect the student to live on campus, often in a different town, it is a good opportunity to develop self-reliance and independence. You could also get a chance to experience life on a summer campus.



Schools often help out in summer vacations by tying up with professionals to get students an internship that will add value to their experience. Join as an intern at an art studio, or consulting firm, or even at a hospital if you are a pre-med student. Get a taste of your future career and search for an internship in the industry of your choice. This experience will give you insight into your prospective profession.



As with an internship, you could choose to volunteer with a community or NGO that correlates with your interests. This activity shows that you are a person of strong character and conscience. Use this time to work with an NGO that resonates with your work ethic. You could volunteer to help the needy, teach young children, create awareness and motivate your condominium to begin organic farming. A strong work ethic stands out in your college application. It demonstrates a commitment and strong leadership values. Some of the very best organisations that always welcome volunteers are:

  • Katha - Dedicated to children and the importance of learning.
  • Salaam Baalak - Works with street and working children in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Happy Hands Foundation - Empowers artisans who live in rural areas
  • Greenpeace - For a better environment
  • Umeed - Dedicated to helping animals in distress


Cultivate a hobby or skill

This could also be a good opportunity to cultivate a hobby or skill or enhance an existing one. This shows admissions officers that you're an active learner. You could pick something new too that you have never worked on before:

  • A new programming language
  • A Graphics crash course
  • A quick intro to a new foreign language 


Extracurriculars can make up 25% of your application. Your last summer could be your best chance to add an extra zing to your profile. And who knows you might add a whole new direction to your life?


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