Master's in UK & Europe
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Master's in UK & Europe

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  • Published on 15 Dec 2017

Why MS from UK and Europe

You should do an MS from UK and Europe because you get great education at reasonable prices.

The courses are shorter (often ranging from 12 – 18 months), their costs are typically 50-60% of their corresponding counterparts in the US and the overall job prospects are very good for graduates of top colleges. The application cycles are also staggered (from the US application cycle) and you can apply well into February and March and still get into a great program. All of these reasons make MS from UK and Europe an attractive option for prospective students.


Job Prospects in UK and Europe

While the visa rules have become extremely tight in the UK and Europe, these places continue to be a great education destination for students all over the world. This is largely because pretty much all the students who graduate from good universities find employment across top-notch multi-national firms. Here are a few statistics to support our claim –  

LBS – Masters in Management – Over 95% find employment within 3 months of graduation 

King’s College London – Psychology Masters – Over 98% find employment within 3 months of graduation 

LSE – Masters in Economics – 100% find further education or career opportunities  

ETH Zurich –Masters in International Relations – Over 90% find employment within 3 months of graduation 

HEC Paris – Masters in Management – 100% employment within 3 months of graduation 

The job prospects improve drastically for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates where the standard work visa rules are relaxed. Specialized engineering disciplines like automotive engineering or niche Masters like Sports Management attract near 100% job placements. 


Why is it Important to Target only the top colleges for your MS in UK and Europe

Only the top colleges in UK and Europe are worth your time and money. As you get beyond the top 10 colleges, the rankings (on a global scale) fall off drastically. Let us look at a few examples –  

MS in Economics: Beyond LSE, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, UCL, University of Warwick, LBS (all UK), Bocconi University (Italy), ETH Zurich (Switzerland) University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University (Both in Netherlands) there are no universities in UK and Europe which figure in the top 50. The list is dominated by US universities 

MS in Psychology: Likewise only the following UK and Europe universities figure in the top 50 – University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, UCL, King’s College, LSE, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, Cardiff University, University of Exeter, (All in UK) University of Amsterdam, (Netherlands) Ghent University, (Belgium).  

MS in Politics and International Studies: Only 10 universities figure in the top 50 - University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, LSE, King’s College, University of Essex, SOAS (All in UK) Leiden University, (Netherlands), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), ETH Zurich (Switzerland). 

Many of these universities appear towards the end of the ranking table in the top 50 list and even there you would not get a good return on your investment. Hence we recommend that it is extremely important to stick to the top 10 (at worst top 20) list of UK and Europe universities when you are thinking of getting into a great place to study. 

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