Harvard - Where dreams meet determination in the pursuit of excellence.
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Harvard - Where dreams meet determination in the pursuit of excellence.

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  • Published on 07 May 2024

Imagine it as a grand library where every student is a character from a different book, contributing to the collective wisdom of ages. Tucked away in Harvard's libraries are some truly unusual items, including a book bound in human skin and a collection of Harvard student slang dating back to the 19th century. From real life achievers to the likes of Barack Obama to the dreamy fiction character of Harvey Specter, Harvard is a university where legends are forged.


Harvard is a private (non profit) university with semester based modules for  a given academic year. The possibilities for academic exploration are boundless as your imagination. Nestled within its historic walls and salubrious surroundings, the diverse academic landscapes awaits you to explore Liberal arts, STEM and unleash your creative explorations.


One intriguing tale shared by a Harvard student revolves around his belief that donning Harvard gear could somehow manifest his aspirations. Surprisingly, his unconventional method paid off. As a prospective Harvard student, this anecdote offers a glimpse into the unpredictable nature of the admissions process. While the prospect of gaining acceptance to Harvard seems daunting, with a mere 3.34% acceptance rate, it's crucial to maintain optimism. Many who embark on this journey find themselves grappling with disbelief upon receiving that coveted acceptance letter. Academic metrics like GPA, class rank, essays, and recommendations carry weight, yet they're not the sole arbiters of admission.


Harvard values a holistic approach, considering not only academic achievements but also extracurricular talents, volunteer work, and professional experiences. As an applicant, understanding this multifaceted evaluation process can guide one's approach and instil confidence in their application. The constructed profile should be tailored to reflect one's individual personality, skills, and talents. Crafting a unique profile for Harvard admission requires showcasing one's distinct personality and talents. For instance, a passionate musician could highlight their creative compositions and leadership in school bands, while also emphasising their commitment to community service through teaching music to underprivileged children. Additionally, a budding entrepreneur might showcase their innovative projects and entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrating their ability to think critically and solve complex problems. Each profile should authentically represent the applicant's strengths and aspirations, setting them apart in the competitive admissions process.


Facilitating international students with financial aid has been one of many attractions getting into this Ivy.  In the academic year 2022-23, of the 665 international students at Harvard College, 70% received aid with an average amount of $ 72,516. Sans the aid an international student will be paying an approximate cost of $ 79,450 for the freshman year. This policy ensures that students are evaluated based solely on their academic and personal merits, regardless of their ability to pay for tuition and other expenses. 


At Harvard, learning extends far beyond the confines of lecture halls. With bustling Harvard Square and the tranquil Charles River, the campus offers a dynamic environment teeming with opportunities for growth and involvement. Whether you're collaborating on groundbreaking research with esteemed professors or engaging in discussions about current issues with like-minded peers, Harvard provides a platform for continuous exploration and intellectual development, setting the stage for diverse career paths and promising employment prospects post-graduation, accompanied by competitive salary offerings. Over 96.63% of our graduates step into thriving careers upon completing their education multifarious fields. Financial service, consulting, technology, lest we forget law!


Harvard University graduates exhibit impressive earning potential. Six years after enrolling, working alumni earn an average of $96,800 per year. And after a decade, their average income rises to $136,7001. Let’s delve into popular areas of study:

  1. Computer Science (Bachelor’s Degree): Median starting salary of $128,900.
  2. Statistics (Bachelor’s Degree): Median starting salary of $126,100.
  3. Applied Mathematics (Bachelor’s Degree): Median starting income of $80,500.

For graduate and doctorate students:

  1. Business Administration, Management, and Operations (First Professional Degree): Median initial income of $161,400.
  2. Law (First Professional Degree): Median initial income of $158,200.

One can almost hear Tom Cruise holler, “Show me the money !!!”


Having said that Harvard isn't just about academics; it's about shaping leaders who will make a difference in the world. With a commitment to service and a tradition of excellence in every field imaginable, Harvard empowers its students to become agents of change, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and perspective to tackle the most pressing challenges facing society today.  In the words of Drew Frost, President of Harvard University “ Find what you  love. It might be physics or STEM, cell science or acting or finance. But don't settle for plan B , the safe plan, until you have tried plan A, even if it might require a miracle.”

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