MS in Finance- A Quick Option
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MS in Finance- A Quick Option

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  • Published on 19 Jan 2017

Master in Finance is an attractive option for those students who want to quick-start their career in finance and do not want to spend time in pursuing a two year MBA.

We believe that this option is best for those students who have at least a specialized degree in finance (at the undergraduate level) or have a certain grounding in advanced mathematics (probability & statistics). They should also be clear that a career in finance is what they want.

MS in Finance offer a suit of career options after graduation. We have seen students going into careers like investment banking, financial consulting, treasury operations, fixed income or derivative desks management, etc.

The key advantage of this degree is that it takes 10-12 months to complete and quickly readies you for an advanced career in Finance.



As the attached graphic shows, we still have about 30-40% seats left in some of the best colleges in Europe that let you pursue an MS in Finance. There is an added advantage that almost all of these colleges are in thriving financial metropolises and offer a ready access to jobs after graduation. Great social life while pursuing studies is an added bonus!

For more information, please refer as under –

London School of Economics

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

London Business School

HEC Paris


IE Business, Spain

Esade, Spain


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