How to close the SOP?
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How to close the SOP?

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  • Published on 16 Feb 2017

The last couple of paragraphs are like the closing arguments of a case before a judgement is passed.

It helps to build up on the logical high that you have taken the evaluator with a well-crafted body, and prime them to take action; in this case of giving you a seat in that program that you are applying for. However, this step needs the most preparation as well, as you need to be able to connect all the different aspects of your application, as well as show cultural and values’ fit with the institute and the program.

This part is highly dependent on the language and structure used as the arrangement of words used along with their meaning, should convince the evaluator to your way of thinking and persuade them to act. Therefore, it is important to be succinct and substantive, and deliver one thought at a time.

Through the body of the SoP, you have already communicated the need of the program you are applying to, for the future you have envisaged for yourself. In the closing, convince the evaluator that the program is the solution and you are a good fit for the program. Highlight that you have the necessary values that the institute espouses, and understand and appreciate the culture of the place.

Ensure that you close out all the loops that you would have started as any loose-hanging threads cause uneasiness and reduces action orientation of the reader. Also, keep the tone of the closing positive and end on a high. Remember the words of Peanuts’ creator Charles Schultz: Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today – it’s already tomorrow in Australia.

Close the SoP with a reiteration of your primary message (first few lines) in a forceful manner, which will leave the evaluator with a coherent impression of who you are and allow him/her to judge your fitment into the program you are applying for.

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