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Admits to IVY League

Admits to Ivy League Universities

Secured admissions to London Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, MIT Sloan School of Management, Harvard Law School and many more prestigious universities in India and around the world

highest college application conversion rates

Highest Application Conversion Rates

9 out of 10 times, our counselees’ applications have gone on to the next stage. Our counselees’ have succeeded in universities with some of the most stringent selection criterion.

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London Business School MBA shall help me in two ways in realizing this goal. First it gives me access to a network which I can leverage to float this fund of mine, and second, it would help me build relevant financial credentials in addition to the relevant sector experience that I already have. During my stay at the LBS, I fully intend to develop this plan of mine to fruition. Not only do I intend to meet potential investors, but also build detailed investment plans and possibly recruit my team. Situated in London, the financial capital of the world, with one of the most influential network of alumni and faculty and a strong international mix of students, the LBS offers me the best opportunity to do so.

A business school, in the most literal sense, is as good as its constituent students and faculty members. I believe that I cannot expect any advancement if I cannot be an active member of the community. The process of learning at a business school is such that without actual participation and real contributions from the individual, it shall not happen. I want to be as active a member of the community as possible at the Stanford GSB and make this work – both for the school and for myself.

I went about my preparation in a very methodical manner. I changed my style of running to land mid-foot, even fore-foot as against heal landing which I was accustomed to earlier. I also started carrying my running gear to all the places that I went (I used to travel 2-3 days a week as part of my job responsibilities.) This ensured that I never missed a day of practice, even if it meant running in the middle of night. I started training to strengthen my hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles to compensate for my weaker knees. After a rigorous training of six months, I was ready to run again. It was a transformative experience! It vindicated what I have come to believe for a long time – that if you have the will and work sufficiently hard for it, then anything is possible.