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Application support for undergraduate students is focused on students starting grade XI and works with you to help you apply to your chosen universities. Typical process consist of the following 3 steps –

1: University and Program Selection: This is a two pronged approach driven by a. identifying the applicant’s strengths and his long term professional requirements and b. matching them to the DNA of the university. Starting from creating a bucket list of strengths and professional ‘asks’, we go on to build out a customized list suited to the student’s requirements. Typically the list is weighted in favor of top 20 colleges but could have other entries as well.

2: Essays/Answer/ Recommendation - preparation: This process uses the principals of design-thinking and is copyrighted by UAH (Design Think your Essays ©). Driven by a knowledge-mining approach, we start out by calling out the key elements of the narrative, and then go on to build it out in a very nuanced and detailed way.

3: Interview preparation: Usually, by the time you reach the interview stage, you have prepared so much of material, that you are truly ready. We still make sure that you are completely prepared by providing you with mock-interviews and test you out across a range of parameters including (but not limited to) –

  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • University knowledge
  • Your own narrative
  • Persona and your ability to inspire confidence and belief
Best Undergraduate Admission Counselor in Delhi NCR

All through this process you are supported by people who have studied in the top-ten colleges like MIT, Stanford and Harvard and are mentored in a unique, high-impact one-on-one format. The process is extremely rigorous and has delivered close to 100% success rate.

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